Fun and games

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Jazmin's POV

W "FUCKED UP FUCKED UP FUCKED UP WHO FUCKED UP FUCK UP FUCKED UP YOU" I recorded Carl as he sat in the front seat screaming that at the top of his lungs.

He looked at me and said "why are u always recording me" I stoped recording him and he continued driving until he stoped in front of a beat up looking house.

I looked down at my phone and watched the video of Carl "The whole time you where yelling the vein in your Neck was popping" he looked at me and Flicked me off.

"I no u wanna" he just looked at me and said " stop playing with me" I looked at him and said "why is it everyone we go pick someone up they take 7 years to come out of there house".

"I don't fucking no" Carl said he had a additude outta the random now so I just left him alone Antonio was playing on his IPad and I just texted a few people on my phone.

Carl's POV

I'm not mad at Jazmine but she's ignoring me now we are still waiting for this nigga to come out so I got out of the Car and opened her car door.

She looked at me and looked back at her phone "so your just gonna act like I'm not standing here" she looked at me "I see you just don't got nothing to say".

I raised my eyebrow at her and bent down and grabbed her face "stop playing with me" she blushed and said " i love your raspy voice" and I said " I bet u do"

she leaned in Like she was gonna kiss me and then pulled away "HA nigga u thought" I grabbed her neck and pulled her towards me "I told u stop playing" I kissed her and she moaned I pulled away and started laughing.

"I'll get u later" I shut her door as Kevin came out (the boys name) I got in my side and he got in the backseat and I plugged my phone back in "Jazmin this is Kevin Kevin Jazmin " both of them. At the same time "wassup"

I played Music and turned it up I put I seat belt on and Jazmin was acting like she had a adittude "what's wrong with u" she shook her head I grabbed her hand and drove the rest of the way to the mall.

Jazmin's POV

Carl keeps poking me in the same spot and it hurts cause he has fucking nails " Carl Fransis Gallagher poke me again and I'll stab u in your eye" Carl looked at me like I offended him.

"DAMNNNNNN Carl bout to get his ass whooped" Kevin said from the back he's acually a pretty cool person Carl flicked him off as we pulled up to the mall.

"Now Carl we are not gonna fight the Footlocker cashier this Time ok" he laughed and we got out of the car Carl Opened Antonio's door and he got out he was walking in front of all of us.

"Carl does he look Bowlegged to you?" And he said " yes but it's cute on him" I recorded Antonio walking and posted it with the caption "😍😩Son😍😩"

We went in and Carl grabbed my hand "where are we going first" I asked Carl looked at me and said "footlocker" I looked at him and he said "I won't fight no one"

We walked upstairs and down to Footlocker Antonio and Kevin where Running in front of us I grabbed ahold of his hand tighter and we walked in the same nigga from earlier was still working.

Kevin and Antonio were already looking at shoes I went next to him and Antonio was pointing at white timberlands with gold chains.

I got them for him me and Carl both got the same pairs or shoes along with Antonio so we all got the same shoes I took them all up Carl and Kevin walked over and sat down.

I already got the total on my phone in my Caulculator just in case this nigga tries to pull some shit he started ringing them up and the total in my phone is 1'678 and when he totaled it it came up to 1,200$ shit I'm not bout to say shit cause hey free shoes.

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