Road trip starting pt.1

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Jazmins POV
" where are your Airforces" I asked Carl "There already in the bag baby everything's already packed and in the car baby don't worry" he said as he put Emma in her carseat.

We are going on a road trip to L.A it's a long drive but hey we like road trips so. If your wondering why were going to L.A it's because we are going to see Carl's family. Fiona, Lip, Liam yeah they all moved to L.A a few weeks ago

Manny and Cordae are going with us only because they want to we aren't forcing them to then wanna go "OK were gonna put Antonio and Dominics carseat in the back back" I said ad I walked outside and seen Cordae vacuuming out the car "What" he said as he turned the vacuum off.

" where gonna move Antonio and Dominic to the 3rd row so we can put Emma in the middle and when ever we all alternate we can all sit on the side of her" I said and he shook his head "Got it" he said "Ight hurry we leave in ten minutes" I said as I walked into the house "Dominic come here" I yelled.

He came out of the living room wearing just a onsie and it's currently cold as fuck outside so I took him in his room and put his Nike sweats on and a Nike jacket and then put his black timberlands on his feet and walked out of the room as Antonio was coming out of his wherein Just basket ball shorts.

"Where u going fatboy" I asked as I put Dominic down "To find uncle Jahseh" he said as he itched his head "you need to get dressed and ready we are leaving soon" I said and he said " is uncle jahseh going" I shook my head "No uncle Manny and uncle Cordae are going tho" I said.

"Come on so I can get you dressed and do your hair" I said as I started pushing his backwards but he just wrapped his arms around my legs "Mommy I want uncle jahsehhhhhh" he whined jumping up and down "Antonio I'm not gonna do this with you let's go now" I said and he started crying "I want uncle JAHSEH" he screamed

"HE ISN'T HERE" I yelled back then jahseh came around the corner and Grabed Antonios arm "Don't you ever yell at her like that again or you will get a whoopen do you under stand" Jahseh said "Yes" he said "Now wipe your face and tell her your sorry" jahseh said "I'm sorry mama" he said "Now go get dressed like she said" Jahseh said sturly.

"Thanks jah" I said "no problem babygurl" he said as he walked out I went into Antonio's  room and he was laying on his bed crying grabbed his Adidas track suit and got him dressed then grabbed his towel "come on" I said as I walked outta the room he followed me and I grabbed his red and black 13s.

He put his shoes on and we walked out to the kitchen I picked him up and layed him on the counter where his hair was in the sink and turned the water on to warm and grabbed the shampoo "Don't move" I said as I ran to his bathroom and grabbed the gel and comb and brush and rubber bands and walked back out.

"Umm public service announcement to who's ever listenin why is Antonio laying on the counter" Jahseh yelled as he looked down at Antonio "He's getting his hair washed" I said as I put the stuff down and pushed him out the way "I'll be back baby I'm gonna go put Dominic and Emma in the car" Carl yelled "Ok" I yelled back.

"Jahsehhhhhh movvvvveeee" I said as I pushed him I looked down and seen that Antonio fell asleep. Jahseh didn't move  "jahseh move" I said as I pushed him hard as hell that's when he snatched me up by my neck I grabbed his arm "Move" he said with his voice deep I moved my hand as I felt myself getting turned on.

He got tighter as he pushed me against the counter he pulled my face closer to his I looked him in the eyes and he said "the things I could do to you right now" he said as he got tighter I grabbed the waistband to his pants and pulled him to me and he got tighter making me throw my head back further "Baby" I groaned.

I felt his hand grab my pants and his hand slid down I grabbed his arm "Stop" he said as I felt him touch me threw my panies "Jahseh" I moaned softly "That's not my name shawty" he said as he moved his finger "Daddy" I moaned as I stepped onto my tip toes.

" that's better" he said as he pulled his hand out of my pants and grabbed tighter "Your lucky" he said as I heard Carl's voice. Jahseh walked away and I turned the water on and put shampoo in his hair and washed it then I sat him up and dryed his hair and parted it and put two braids in his hair and put the rubber bands in.

I picked him up and walked out of the house and then cordae came and took him from me and handed him to Manny and then Manny put him in his car seat there are already a whole bunch of movies in there so they should be good there Ipads are in there also they have blankets and coloring books and other things to do so they shouldn't be bored.

I went inside and grabbed my phone and Carl ran upstairs and was looking for his headphones so he can plug them in when the kids are asleep "Ight baby you ready" Carl asked "Yep" I said as I picked up Emmas diaper bag that has all her bottles in it along with bopey pillow we walked downstairs and I gave the stuff to Carl "I'll be right back"I said as I walked away from him

I went into the living room and fell down on to of ski "hey" I said "Hi" he said back dryly "Were leaving" I said hes bummed our that were leaving that's why he's acting so dry "ok" he said "Cheer up kid" I said as I stood up in front of him "I'm fine" he said "No your not but listen of you cheer up we can go out when I come back"

" fine" he said as he smiled "You gonna hold down Fort while I'm gone" I asked ski "Of course" he said "Alright" I said aid as we started our hand shake "Love you ski" I said as I walked out of the living room "Love you to" he said I walked out and Manny asked me "You want to sit in the front of back first"

"I'll sit in the back" I said then I heard cordage groan " ewww that meand I have to sit with you" Cordae said while laughing "bitchhhhh you love me fuck outta here" I said back "True" he said while looking threw the credit cards on his hands "Ight let's go" Carl said as he climbed out of the backseat.

Carl gave me a kiss before climbing into the front seat I climbed into the backseat and sat on the side of Emmas carseat witch sat I'm the middle while cordae sat on the other side. Carl started the Car and pulled off

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