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Jazmin's POV

"Antonio Antonio" I'm trying to get Antonio up for school he moved and his eyes came open "come on" I said to him he followed me to my room and I turned the light on . Carl's still asleep on the bed but he's used to this.

We went into the bathroom and I started the bath water it's 6:00 and we have to be out the door bye 7:30 the only reasons  why I get him up early Is because Antonio takes five years to eat. i got him undressed and in the bath.

I washed him up and washed his hair then got him out and dressed in a blue Nike shirt and black joggers aND blue foamposits i took a picture of him with his hair down then pulled it up in a ponytail.

I washed him up and washed his hair then got him out and dressed in a blue Nike shirt and black joggers aND blue foamposits i took a picture of him with his hair down then pulled it up in a ponytail

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"Come on so you can eat" i said I grabbed my phone and we headed downstairs. Antonio climbed up on the island and sat down with his folder. I grabbed the waffles out and put two in the toaster. "Mama you gotta sign this" Antonio said.

I walked up to the island and seen what it was he was talking about and it was his homework. I grabbed a pen and signed it "Go put your folder in your backpack" I said he got down and ran and put his folder away.

I grabbed his waffles out and put some Syrup on them i put them at the spot he was eating as Dominic started crying from upstairs. "Antonio come eat so i can take u to school"

I already found us a house it's 30 minutes from here but it's gonna be cool cause its a big house and there's a pool in the backyard and a gate with a security code we have a tennis court in the back and a go cart track and 3 guest houses and a coi pond the house is 3 story's and in min and Carl's room there's gym.

The kids got a shaded play ground and a tree house its pretty lit. Carl has a giant office also witch will be where he does so of his work and that will also be my shoe closet. I have to manny shoes but it lit i already got half our stuff there.

I walked upstairs and grabbed Dominic i grabbed his camouflage sweatshirt and put it on him I put his white adidas on him and walked downstairs it's go on 6:30 so i walked down stairs as Antonio was putting his plate in the sink.

"Get your sweat shirt on and grabbed your backpack" I said as i walked and put my 13s on and grabbed my sweatshirt i put it on and grabbed my keys as Antonio walked up to me "Ight come on" I said "Antonio you got your water bottle" i asked as i strapped Dominic in "Yeah its right here you put it in there yesterday".

I helped him buckle up and then got in the front seat I pulled around the expidition and drove down the street "Shit I gotta get gas" i said I pulled into the Gas station and got out I started pumping the gas and I went in and got Antonio a juice.

I got Dominic A juice also and payed and went back to the car I finished pumping the gas and gor in the car. "Give me your water bottle baby" I said to Antonio he gave me the water bottle and I poured the Gatorade into his waterbottle i put the lid on and gave it back. "Is Dominic's cup back there."

He handed me the cup and I poured it in the bottle. I gave it to Dominic and took off from the Gas station i headed for Antonio's school when I got there they came and got him out of the car "Bye mama" he said as they lifted him out the car "Bye baby"

They took him and I pulled off i went back to the house and grabbed Dominic we went inside and I layed him back in his Bed and covered him up and i went back to the room stripped and layed down with Carl till I felt like I had to throw up.

I got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up this had been going on for 4 weeks now I don't no why but I brushed my teeth and went and layed with Carl and went to sleep.

There gonna get longer don't worry

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