moving day

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Jazmin's POV

"CARL" i yelled up the stairs "Yes baby" he said as he brought the last box down from the room. "You ready baby" I asked him and he shook his head "damn I have so manny memories here" I mumbled and Carl said "Same i took your virginity in this house we got together in this house"

I smiled as he went and put the last box in the moving van and shut the back and latched it shut. "Ight baby I'm gonna follow u to the house" Carl said as he gave me a kiss "Ok" i said as i got in the car. Antonio's in school and Dominic's already at the house with Jahseh. We got the kids room and our room already done.

The kids have there own rooms now so they don't have to share a room Today will be the first day we all sleep in our rooms. The kids have there own wing it has 4 rooms and two bathrooms and when u walk in the door there's a closet witch will be where all there shoes go.

It's pretty lit. I pulled out of the driveway and Started driving and Carl came behind me. I turned the music on and drove down the street.

Finally we pulled up to the house and Jahseh came from the back yard and started helping Carl unpack "Where's Dominic" i asked Jahseh and he said "In his room sleep" i walked into the house and went over to Dominic's room.

I grabbed one of the boxes witch had all his shoes in it and took it to the hall i put it on the floor and grabbed the shoes out one bye one ans put them neatly on the shelf after that box i went and grabbed the two other ones I started putting them up then I threw the boxes away.

I went to Antonio's room and put his shoes in the closet and hung up his clothes and went back in Dominic's room and hung up his clothes and other stuff I fixed both of the boys tv and then I walked out .

I started putting stuff away in the kitchen i put the plates away and the bowls and them i put the seasonings and shit away and then walked out side and grabbed the ladder i brought it inside and I hung up the guns on the wall.

I no I shouldn't but aye idc. I got off the ladder and I went upstairs to Carls off ice and started putting his shoes away it looked really good so I took a picture

He had other walls full of shoes but I didn't feel like taking all those i finished putting Carl's stuff away and I went to the closet and hung up all the clothes i grabbed our pants and put them away

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He had other walls full of shoes but I didn't feel like taking all those i finished putting Carl's stuff away and I went to the closet and hung up all the clothes i grabbed our pants and put them away. I put all my chains and watched in the drawer along with Carl's.

I put our belts in the spot where they wrapped around and I went out to the room I put the sheets on the bed and my phone alarm started going off. I looked at it and relized i have to go get Antonio. I walked out of the bedroom and took the elevator down to the first floor.

I grabbed my keys and walked out the door to see a delivery truck "what's this baby" I asked Carl and he said "Our Go carts" i wide eyed him "Go carts?" I said confused and he laughed and shook his head "Well I'm going to Get antonio I'll be back" he kissed me three times and I went and got in the car.

Carl's POV

We are gonna be drag racing up and down these streets in these go carts it's bout to be fun as hell that and we got a go cart track in the back. Me and Jahseh finished moving everything and unpacking it.

Dominic finally woke up and me and Jahseh and him went upstairs to the living room thing bye my office and we turned on the projecter and I shut the blinds and we turned on the Playstation me and Jahseh played 2k18 while Dominic sat on the floor playing with his toys.

"Babe" i heard from downstairs "I'm upstairs" i yelled to her she came up with antonio behind her and said "Well shit the screen looks better then I thought" i continued playing and said Antonio climbed up and started his homework.

Jazmin's POV

I helped Antonio with his homework and I told him to go put his backpack in his room. I picked up Dominic and we went to the back yard and I watched Dominic and Antonio play on the trampoline and the playground after a while we went inside and I made dinner we all ate and I bathed the kids.

I put them in there beds and turned there tvs on i put a timer on them so they will turn off bye there selfs and I went upstairs to mine and Carl's room  I have baby monitors and motion sensors in there room so I can tell if one of them get up.

I went and took a shower and went and layed on the bed with carl me a d him watched movies while cuddling together soon my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep....

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