Gender reveal.

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Debbies POV

"Manny put that on the pool table" today's the gender reveal and I have Manny, cordae, lip, Ian and kev helping me move stuff around franny an Dominic are asleep in the room back in the guest room We are having the party in the basement but the revel for the gender we have this baseball that explodes when u hit it.

It's gonna be lit "Cordae can you put the bag with the baseball in it in my car please" I yelled to him " Yeah I got u" he said back. Kevin is in the back yard cooking on the grill we turned the water slide on so it's ready for everybody.

I went in the bar that's in the basement and started putting stuff in the fridge as lip came in with 4 bags of ice "Where's Ian with the cooler" he asked and I said "in the backyard with Kevin" he started out towards the back and he had water dripped every where as Manny was coming in with the white boards.

"Manny stop" I said as he slipped and fell and i busted out laughing "Owww what the fuuuuucccckkk" he said and I couldn't stop laughing "Why are u on the floor" lip asked manny as he came into the room "You got *laughs* water on the floor and he slipped on it" i said while laughing "Oh u did this" Manny said

"I didnt mean to i was carrying 4 bags of Ice that shit was melting" Manny got up and had a big ass wet spot on his shirt it really showed cause he had on a grey Polo shirt on he put the white boards down and went and grabbed a towel.

We finished setting stuff up and waited for people to get here.

~2 hours later~

Jazmin's POV

Me Carl, ski, Jahseh and Diego are on the way to the house Antonio flew out to his dad's last night 😢 so he won't be back until next Sunday sadly he couldn't be here for the reveal but it's ok I'm Hella happy for this bro.

"Jahseh give me my phone" i said cause he was playing clout on my phone "Hang on I'm in the middle of a level" he said I put my hand out and he finished his level and put my phone in my hand. I looked at the text messege i had from debbie and she said everyone's here.

As i read the text messege Carl turned down the street where the house was and there was cars up and down the street we seen manny standing in the street when he grabbed something from his waist band and took it to his mouth then back to his waistband.

When we got closer to the house before we got to the gate manny put his hand up for us to stop we stopped and he grabbed the thing from his waist band he was dressed in black pants and a pink Polo with a pink gucci belt he really wants me to be having a girl he had a walkie talkie in his hand and was talking to someone while he still had his hand up telling us to stop.

He put the walkie talkie back on his belt and then turned around and started walking and we followed behind him slowly "Should i hit him" Carl said laughing "No" i said back laughing and we followed him to the gate Manny put the code in and started walking up the drive way when he turned and put his hand up for us to stop.

We stopped "What the fuck is this man doing" ski asked as lip came out where a blue Polo a the blue shoes he grabbed the walkie talkie off his belt and said something into it and then turned around and started walking i lowkey am crying rn cause debbie had this all planed out. We got half way up the drive way when he turned and put his hand up for us to stop.

We stopped and a few minutes later purp came out of no where in pink shirt and his dreads where pink along with his belt he grabbed his walkie talkie said something then turned around around started walking I'm lowkey crying rn.

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