you a bitch

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We're gonna skip 1 week ahead

Jazmin's POV

I've been home for just about a week now me and Carl are doing good we are currently waiting on Jahseh to get out of the shower so we can watch this movie both of the boys are taking a nap rn so me ski Diego and Jahseh are gonna watch this movie while there asleep.

The movies called Quarantine 2 i guess it's and good Zombie movie and Diego really likes it "Ski" i said "Wassup" he yelled back "Can u bring me a Popsicle and a pop please" I asked him cause he was in the kitchen.

A few minutes he came into the living room and handed me a cup of ice and my pop and my popsicle "Thanks ski" i said to him as he walked away. The only thing that's bad about having to wait for jahseh is he takes 5 fucking years to get in the shower.

I got up and went upstairs while eating my popsicle i walked into Jahsehs room as he was coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist "You take longer then me" I said and he said "Shut up"

"You shut up you Dyke" he looked at me and said "I'm not a dyke fam get out "instead of people calling u young dagger dick they should call u Youngdaggerdyke" i laughed so hard I almost fell over Jahseh came over to me and pushed me out the door and snatched my popsicle aND said hut the door.

"You a bitch bro" I walked down stairs pouting carl was in the kitchen when he looked at me "what's wrong baby" he asked me "Jahseh took my popsicle" he reached in the freezer and handed me another one.

I opened it and started eating it as there was a knock on the door Carl went and opened it and I went and sat down.

Carl's POV

I walked to the door and opened it and seen Dominique "What do u want Dom" i said as i ate the popsicle in my hand "I want to see u and Dominic together" i rolled my eyes and said "No Dom you need to follow now"

I tried to push the door shut and she pushed it open "I wanna see my son" she said and I said "GET the FUCK OUT " as i said that Ski and Jazmin showed up behind the door.

"Who's this baby" Jazmin said as she gave her popsicle stick to Ski "my ex" i said to her and Jazmin's said "Why she on my doorstep" she said it with an additude. "Cause bitch i wanna see my son" Jazmin laughed and said "I'm a bitch right"

"But you left your kid so you don't gotta take care of him any more but now that Carl's moved on you want him back" she said while laughing "What the fuck so funny" Dom said "the whole fact your on my door step trying to get back with MY man and trying to take MY SON key word MY son"

"It don't work that way bitch get off my doorstep" Jazmin said and Dom hit her Jazmin pushed her backwards and pulled her pants up Jazmin started hitting her until I seen blood "Ski" i said as i ran out the door. I pulled Jazmin off and Ski grabbed Dom "Wassup bitch you talk all that shit but scared to fight me wassup".

I pulled Her back "Baby chill" i whiped into my ear I picked her up and Carried her into the house "get that bitch off my property" she yelled over my shoulder "What happened" Jahseh asked as he came from upstairs.

"She fought my ex" she kept trying to run out "Wassup bitch you said you want him back if u can beat me in a fight u can have him" she yelled as she pushing past me " baby chill out"
I said to her "Come on bitch" she yelled "Wassup pussy wassup" Jazmin yelled over my shoulder.

Ski came in and locked the door "She's gone" Ski said I let Jazmin go and she looked me dead in my eyes "We need to move and I mean we need to move now" as she said that blood came gushing outta her nose.

"Oh shit" she bent over with her nose towards the ground then pinched her nose I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some paper towel and ran back to her  I put it to her nose. She gets nose bleeds from the head truama.

"Did it stop" I asked she pulled it away and said "Yeah" I cleaned the blood off the floor and her face and we went and sat down. And started the movie

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