accidents happen

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Jazmin's POV

I just kissed Jahseh and I think I liked it I was stitching his head and he said "I love u jazmin" and then he leaned into me and I leaned into him and kissed him.

After that happened I finished stitching his head I just fucking cheated on Carl "when ur done can u take me to the studio" Jahseh asked me i shook my head and said "Just take my impala bit if u crash it I'll kill u"

I finished with him and I gave him the keys and I went upstairs to the room and grabbed my phone and then I went back downstairs and pump was talking Hella shit about Jahseh "You no for a nigga that just got his ass beat you talk Alot of fucking shit" I said to pump.

"Your one to talk your just his bitch" I looked at him like he was crazy " Jahseh's not my boyfriend now keep talking shit I'll gouge your eyes out with a fork" pump looked at me and said " at this point Ski and Diego had left out side to smoke "You are nothing but a Southside slut that wishes she was famous so if i where u I'd watch your back". Pump said while getting all up in my face.

Next thing u no I head Budded him and I slapped him acrossed the fave and punched him 3 times "talk to me like that again I fucking dare u" he looked at me and spit in my face " YOU FUCKING BITCH" I yelled I kneed him in the balls and he hit me in the face I punched his 4 times in the face the kneed him in the face.

He passed out I grabbed Dominic and walked out the front door I put him in the car and went inside and grabbed my keys and his diaper bag "Might wanna go check if your friends still breathing" I said to Diego as i walked to the car....

I drove off and I don't even no where I'm going I just have to leave.

Carl's POV

I just woke up and went Downstairs and Pumps slumped over on the couch "What's up with him" Ski shrugged his shoulders and Diego said "i think your Girlfriend killed him" I put my fingers on his neck and checked his pulse.

"Naww he's still alive" I moved away from him "Speaking of Jazmin where is she and Jahseh" And Ski said "Jahseh's at the Studio and I have no idea about Jazmin".

Jazmin's POV

My phone started ringing it was Carl but I don't feel like talking to anyone so I didn't answer him and then he started calling again so I finally answered him

Jazmin🌷- Hello

Carl💯- Hey where are u at?

Jazmin🌷- Idek where I'm at and honestly Idek where I'm going

Carl💯- come home baby

Jazmin🌷- *Cries softly* I can't

Carl💯- What's wrong

Jazmin🌷- if i come back I'm gonna kill that nigga bro on god

Carl💯- He'll Be gone ok

Jazmin🌷- I'm on the way

Carl💯- ok I love u

Jazmin🌷- love u to

Jazmin's POV

I wanted to tell him so bad that I kissed Jahseh but I couldn't I headed back home its 9 o'clock Dominic's passed out in the back I have to get him home and in the bath.

I pulled up to the house and I got Dominic out and went inside Carl and Diego and Ski where on the couch I took Dominic up stairs and put him in the bath I put his toys in and let him play for a bit then Carl came in.

" you good" Carl asked me i shook My head and he hugged me and walked out I went to the closet and grabbed Dominic's batman Pajamas and went back to the bathroom I got the baby soap and cleaned Dominic and got him out.

I wrapped the towel around him and took him out and layed him on the bed I dried him off and put some lotion on him and put his pajamas on him I layed him in his bed and covered him up.

I left out of the room and went to my room and took a shower and I got out pulled my hair up and put on some shorts and a sports brah and a tank top I put ome lotion on my legs and my hands and I looked at the tattoo on my finger.

I started crying thinking of what I did earlier then Carl walked in the room " baby what's wrong" he tried to touch me I backed away from him "I kissed Jahseh" I said to him and he looked at me and said "i no"

He pulled me into a hug and "I'm sorry" I whispered he didn't say anything I moved away from him and he said "Don't do it again" he walked away and I followed him we went downstairs and Jahseh was sitting downstairs with some girl all over him

"Who's this Jahseh" I asked him ad I pointed at the girl who was all over him " this is Geneva".....

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