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Jazmin's POV

I woke up not in my bed I sat up and looked around and seen I was laying on Ski I forgot I came in here last night. Skis still asleep he has his mouth all open.

Something in me wants to shove something in his mouth but no I'm not that mean. I unwrapped myself from skis arms and my blanket and walked out of his room.

I went to my room and grabbed my phone it's 12:30 and the boys are still asleep damn. I have a text message from Manny asking if I wanted to come to get him and Cordae to go to the hospital.

I texted him back and said yeah I'm getting dressed and put my phone down. I went to the closet and put on some white ripped skinny jeans, a white Nike shirt, and my airforces.

I went in the bathroom and put my hair in two french braids and tied my white headband around my head. I walked out of the room and into the boy's room.

Debbie already asked me to Keep the boys so I'm gonna let her. I grabbed the boys just some sweatpants and a shirt and got them dressed Dominics still asleep but Antonios awake.

I packed up the diaper bag and picked up Dominic "come on Antonio" I grabbed the Impala keys and walked downstairs. I took the boys across the street and Antonio started crying "Whats wrong baby" I asked him.

"I wanna stay with you," he said I looked at Debbie and she said "Ill keep Dominic"I looked at Antonio and said "U sure u wanna stay with me" he shook his head and I said "Thank u, Debbie" and she said, "No problem I love these boys".

I grabbed Antonio's hand and walked out I grabbed his car seat from the Expedition and put it in the Impala.
I Buckled him in and texted Manny telling him I'm on the way.

I started the car and headed towards Manny's house. I plugged my phone into the Aux cord and played some music. When Kung Fu came on Antonio started singing it and dancing in his car seat.

I recorded him and saved it then the song changed to Drug addicts I hate the person who sings it but the songs pretty Catchy. I pulled up to the mannys house and I texted him saying I was outside.

A few minutes later they both came walking out. Manny got in the backseat and Cordae got in the front. I gotta get Antonio food so I pulled up to McDonald's. I got Carl manny and cordae food also and headed for the hospital.

I couldn't look at my phone long enough to put music on so I just passed it to Cordae and said " Put something on. We just pulled up to the hospital to so I found a parking spot and grabbed my phone off the Aux.

I opened Antonio's door and he got out I grabbed his backpack and put it on my back. I grabbed his hand and started walking. Manny grabbed the food and they both followed Me.

I went in and said, "I need the room for Carl Gallagher" the Doctor typed something on the computer and said "I.D" I gave her my id and she gave me my visitors pass. I walked to the side and Cordae and Manny got there visitors pass.

When we all got our visitors to pass we started walking up to his room as my phone started ringing it was my grandma.

Jazz💔🔫: Hola abuela (his grandma)

Grandma👴: Hola cariño, ¿cómo estás? (Hey baby how u doing)

Jazz💔🔫: Estoy been. Solo h,e Estado Cuidado a miss hijos. (I'm good just taking care of my kids)

Grandma👴: Cuantos niños times (How many kids u got)

Jazz💔🔫: Tengo dos hijos y Los dos muchachos (I got two kids and they're both boys)

Grandma👴: ¿Cómo están tu mamá y papá? (Hows your mama and daddy)

Jazz💔🔫: Mamas un Ritmo muerto come normal pero mi papá y yo Estamos been (Mamas a deadbeat like normal but me and my dad are good)

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