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Carl's POV

These doctors are starting to piss me off they keep trying to poke him like leave him be push the fucking shit threw the I.V or something I already have to hold Jazmin back and down when they Come in Because the one doctor Kept poking him over and over

Basically what happened was he had something like a withdraw because his mom's done it to him so many times it's like he got addicted to it I guess.

It's going on 2 in the mornings and Diego's asleep and Jazmin's sitting in my lap trying not to freak out we have been her for about 2 hours and all they have done is gave him medicine and checked on him once.

Jazmin's POV

I'm bout to freak the fuck out bro the doctor just came in and said " your son was having a withdraw from the Cocaine you have to let him power threw the withdraws he is anemic so he needs to be put on Iron also I'm gonna give u guys a spray that will go up his nose when he has a seziour"

"When can I take him home" she looked at me and said "the doctor has to sign off on the prescription and then we can remove his I.V and then your free" I rubbed my eyes "tell whoever the doctor is to hurry the Fuck up" she walked out.

"Calm down baby girl" Carl whispered into my ear he wrapped His arms around me and I grabbed his hand and intertwined my fingers with his then a doctor came in.

"High I'm doctor Diego I'm here to show u how to use the medicine for the seziours and to take out the I.V" he pulled a brown bottle out of a bag and showed me how to do it and then he pulled the I.V out Diego woke up for that.

"Ok I'll go get your discharge papers I got up and grabbed his pajamas and put them  back in them the doctor came in and gave me the discharge papers I put them in Diego's Backpack and Carl picked him up.

"Diego Diego DIEGO" his dumb ass was slumped he woke up and i said 'let's go"  We got up and left I'm glad to be leaving but we are getting a camera for his room and the motion censors tomorrow.

"Carl do u even no where ur going I've seen this lady 4 times already" Diego said to Carl I don't think Carl knows where he's going but I guess I'll leave him to his lil adventure.

"Omg let me show u how to get out" we have been walking in circles for about 10 minutes so I showed Carl how to get out finally we got out to the car.

Carl Buckled Antonio into his carseat and Diego sat back there with him and Carl climed in the front and started driving "where am I taking u diego" and Diego's eyes shot to me "yo sis can I say the night" and I said "as long as u stay outta my face and your not loud in the ass Crack of the morning.

So we headed for the house Carl driving my car witch is a white impala on 22s is bad cause of all of the niggas he used to work for he cousi easily be in a drive bye but anyway let me stop thinking like that.

We just pulled up to the house and Carl picked up Antonio "do u want him to sleep on the room with us tonight" i shook my head normally he sleeps with me after these happen we went in I took Antonio From Carl and went upstairs.

I layed him on the far side bye the way for now and went down to his room and cleaned his room up from the gloves and empty medicine tube's from the paramedic and I change Antonio's bed sheets and pillow cases and cleaned up and left his room.

Carl was downstairs messing with Diego I went down stairs to see Diego passed out on the couch and Carl messing with him "Carl leave that damn boy alone" and he got up I threw a blanket at Diego and walked away.

Carl's POV

I love being around Jazmin she's just one of those people u love to be around I'm heading upstairs with her rn after what I seen tonight with Antonia she's had enough I turned the TV onto Netflix and I layed down in the middle of the bed.

I closed my eyes when Jazmin came in the room to act like I was asleep "OWWWW shit Jazmin that was my nipple" this child's crazy she really just bit my nipple I just screamed to and it woke up Antonio.

Antonio looked at me and then at Jazmine and Jazmine grabbed the Playstation controller and layed next to me "you ok Antonio" he shook his head yes and he got down from the bed and went to the bathroom.

When he came back he layed on the side of me but kinda on top of me Jazmin finally decide to watch a movie called Reality high I guess she turned the light off and put the Countroller on the table .

Antonio was back to sleep bye now his head was still on me I looked at Jazmin and she had tears in her eyes "what's wrong babygirl" she wiped her eyes "it's just I never had anybody stick around this long you no and then I'm a 16 year old raising a 4 year year old who has withdraws and I'll be going back to school soon it's just stressful"

"Take him with u" and she looked up at me " I can't take him to school with me" and I said "yes u can take his IPad laptop something for him to eat and keep him Occupied and boom happy and Quiet kid" and she looked at me "I no but it's jut gonna be hard to get him back and Forth to his doctors appointment and then if we stop talking it's gonna be 10 times harder"

Everything fell silent for about 10 minutes "jazmin" and she said " yeah" and looked up at me "I'm not going anywhere I don't no where u got the thought but I'm not going anywhere" and she smiled "you never no what can happen baby" I Mean she's kinda right.

Jazmin's POV

"I'm not going anywhere" keeps playing threw my head, Does he truly Love me I looked over at him and he was asleep Antonio was Knock out with his head on Carl I turned the TV off and layed down when Carl put his arm around me and pulled me close to him.

I got comfortable and finally my eyes started getting heavy and I just fell asleep.....

...............................Next morning...............

Diego's POV

It's currently 12 am I just woke up and I'm not at home then I remembered I Came to Jazmin's House Last night Cause of Antonio I got up and went into Jazmin's room and Carl and her and Antonio where all passed out.

I took a picture cause shit why not and I grabbed the controller and Plugged my Beats into it and got on Fortnite I'm not playing with anybody I only plugged them in so no noise would come over the TV  I sat on the love sac chair started playing my game.

Finally Jazmine woke. Up and went into the bathroom "good morning Sleepy face" I said to her as i said that she flicked me off and sat on the bed on her phone.

Jazmin's POV

How the Fuck did this nigga get in my room and why did he come all the way up here to play Fortnite idc as long as he's quiet I got on my phone and i got at least 50 messeges from Antonio's dad so I texted him Back

Jazzy: what's going on

Ad: I'm moving I can't deal with Amanda any more I love my son to death but She is doing the most

Jazzy: where are u moving to, you can't move that far I can't do this shit bye myself....

Ad: I'm moving to New Orleans  for a while but I'll be back I'll send u 5,000$ a month for Antonio and yourself

Jazzy: new orleans, that's to far wtf

Ad: I'm sorry Jaz

My life is Fucking terrible bro I have to take care of him all bye myself now and he's not that bad of a kid don't get me wrong but u no I'm 16 and he's 4

I still have 2 years of School left but I guess we are just gonna have to Do this together.

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