Hoes / Hoes

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Skiing a few weeks ahead

Jazmin's POV

Carl's at work so I'm stuck at the house with the boys Dominic and fucking Geneva I'm currently laying on Jahseh's bed he's showing me and Geneva his new song called I don't wanna do this anymore.

"I should have let you no that your my only one I no your feeling number I'll fuck you till you cum"

"Your a damn lie Jahseh u can never fuck me till I cum so stop fucking lieing" Geneva said to him as she poked him repeatedly in the side of the head "Aye Jazmin u wanna go with me to this fight" she asked me " Naw I'm good" I said back to her  " Fine fuck u both".

" don't worry bout her Jahseh I fuck with it" I said to him I like the song "thanks Jaz" I heard Dominic screaming over the baby monitor "Duty call" I said I rolled over to roll off the bed and ended up right on the floor.

"Your an idiot you no" Jahseh said to me as he hovered over me I flicked him off and he helped me up I walked outta the room and went and grabbed Dominic "Hi wikbear" that's his nickname got a problem fight me I carried him with me back to Jahseh's room.

"you need to get rid of that girl before u end up in jail jah that's all I'm saying" I said to jahseh cause Geneva's threatened to call the cops on Jahseh the other day cause he wouldn't have sex with her.

"I'm working on it"  he said and I said "you better or else I'll do it for u" he laughed and I said " I'm serious" he stoped laughing as Geneva pushed passed me her face was all bruised up I mouthed to Jahseh "NOW" and closed the door

I put Dominic in his Highchair and gave him some cheetos and his cup I heard yelling coming from Jahseh's room I went and opened the door and Jahseh stormed out and said "I'm taking your car" he had blood under his eye "ok" i looked at Geneva I pulled my phone out and voice recode us

"What happened" I asked her  and she said "He broke up with me so I slapped him" and I said "Did he hit u back" and she said "no" and I said "You need to get out pack your shit and get out" she grabbed her bag and started packing her stuff I walked out to Dominic and watched him eat his cheetos.

She walked out the front door and I called Jahseh.

Jahseh🌷💯- Yeah

Jazmin💉🌷- She's gone I kicked her out

Jahseh🌷💯- Ight I'm on my way back

Jazmin💉🌷- ight be careful

Jahseh🌷💯- I will

I hung up and put my phone down and turned on SpongeBob for Dominic when the front door came open and Jahseh came in an sat down we talked about some stuff and then someone was pounding on the door.

I got up and opened the door and there was like 4 police officers standing there "I need Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy" I looked at him and said "What did he do" and the officer said "Assult of Geneva santiago"  they barged passed me.

Jahseh tried to run and tried to get away Dominic was Screaming "Jahseh just go" the got him cuffed and as they where taking him out he said "I didnt do it I swear" I shook my head "Just go" they took him and put him in the police car and I went back inside

I grabbed Dominic and took him over across the street and said "if I'm not back bye the time Carl gets home I got locked up before she could say anything I ran out I grabbed my phone and called Geneva

Geneva🔫- Hello

Jazmin- Where you at

Geneva🔫- I'm at home why

I hung up in her grabbed my metal baseball bat and went and got in the car I pulled up to her house and bashed her car windows and I went indie her house and dragged Her and said "you lieing Cunt you got my best friend locked up because your mad"

She tried to get away I hit her a few more times then left I went down to the police station and I said "is need any information on Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy" and the guy said "he got booked his hearings on Thursday the 17th at 3:00" I said thank u and walked out of the station.

I got in the car and drove back to the house I went over to the Gallagher house and Carl was there Talking to debbie I took Dominic and went to the house With Carl behind me

"What happened Jazmin" Carl asked me i put Dominc on my bed and I turned around ND looked at him " Geneva went out and got her ass whooped then when she came back Jahseh finally broke up with her and she called the cops and told them that he beat her"

"That fucking Cunt" he said I picked up Dominc and took him downstairs and put him in his Highchair and turned the TV onto SpongeBob and went in the kitchen.

Jahseh's court dates tomorrow I'm going I don't care what no one says...

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