Get your shit

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Jazmin's POV

I Walked downstairs to throw some stuff away and the front door opened I looked at the door cause I swear if this bitch walks in.

"WHAT THE FUCK I TELL U BITCH" I new it was her "this is just as much my house as it is yous" she needs to stop I bought the house and put my name on the lease.

"You have 5 seconds to get out of I'm gonna break both your ankles" she looked at me like I was stupid "1...2...3..4.. that's it" I turned to the side and threw my phone on the table and Antonio was standing there.

I walked up to her and went to push her Out the door and she slapped so you no what went down I beat that bitch ass.

I blacked out while I was beating her ass I heard Antonio screaming "CARL" I kept hitting her when i black out I don't stop fighting I just keep hitting until someone pulls me off.

A few minutes Later  hands wrapped around me I tried to push the person off but they wouldn't move "get the fuck off me ella le pidió que se quedara fuera de mi vida"

"Get her outta my fucking house"  I'm pissed Carl won't let me go "Baby girl calm down" calm down?? Me calm down? "Get off me bro move"

He slammed me on the bed and said " chill out baby" I just gave up "get her. Outta my house " I said before I passed out.

Carl's POV

I was sitting upstairs with Diego waiting for Jazmin to come back and Antonio came in the room and said "Carl help" and ran out of the room.

I looked at Diego then at the door and got up and ran I ran down the hall way then down the stairs and seen Jazmin on top of her mom like damn WORLDSTARRRRRR.

Jazmin was beating her ass bro like frfr I went and grabbed Jazmin and she kept trying to push me off and telling me to move I dragged her upstairs.

I slammed her on the bed and said "chill out baby" she whispered "get her outta my house" he she passed out.

I moved her all the way onto the bed and told Diego to come help me we went downstairs and drug her mom out of the house and onto the porch.

"This bitch stinks" Diego screamed I laughed and we finished moving her "have u ever heard her speak Spanish like that" Diego asked me "no not at all but that was Sexy"

"I'm gonna go check on Antonio you go to the room and be sure She's ok" i went to Antonio's room and went in he was playing Fortnite.

"You ok buddy" he didn't take his eyes off the game "yeah I'm otay" I smiled a little bit "ight buddy I'm in Jazmin's room ok" he shook his head.

I went back to the room and Diego was on his phone and i said "come on I'll take u home" I grabbed the keys and went and grabbed Antonio.

I took him and put him in his carseat and Diego sat in the back with Antonio cause they where playing Fortnite.

I pulled out of the drive way and connected my phone to the Aux cord  and I turned the volume up all the way and played Music.

I took Diego home I went to the corner store and grabbed some stuff for Antonio and Jazmin and I headed for the house.

"OHHH SHIT Carl done got him a new whip and a son?" I looked over and seen the old boys I used to work for "you already no the deal homie"

The guy walked up to the car and I pulled over and we was talking and land he said "yo son cute and got a shoe game to" I smiled "yeah he gets that from his daddy and his looks from his mama".

Antonio looked at the boy and didn't say shit "yo we gotta link sometime and do some shit" me and this kid got along me and him did Alot of shit together back them until I got moved to a difrent department.

"Ight bet I'll hit you up" I gave him my number " ight bye Carl bye lil nigga " Antonio waved at him and he left I started driving towards the house and when we got there i helped Antonio out.

We went in and Antonio followed me to Jazmin's room I went in and Jazmin was on her phone and she looked at me and picked up Antonio "where did u guys go" and I said "we dropped Diego at his house and went to the store"

"Oh and I met one of the niggas I used to work with he met Antonio and he wants to meet u" she shook her head and said " tell him to meet up somewhere I wanna get out this house again for a while"

I texted him and we agreed to meet up agreed the mall again except this time I'm not fighting the cashier at footlocker that nigga really had me fucked up.

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