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Jazmin's POV

We just got to the church thing where The wedding is. We both Got out and I grabbed Emma carseat out of the back and helped Liam out. I shut the door and we walked into the church "Aye Jaz and Carl" Kevin said as he walked over to us.

"Ou and emma" Kevin said as he grabbed emma's carseat from me and walked off with her. Liam and Dominic ran off with lip and Carl's carrying Antonio cause Antonio is asleep because he didn't sleep last night cause he decided he wanted to stay up and complain and play.

"JAZZZZZZ" I heard I looked over and seen Veronica walking towards me "hey" I said and we hugged each other "come on I need help with my hair" she said as she grabbed my hand and started running away.

Carl's POV

Well we just got to the church where the weddings at and the two Lil boys ran off with lip, Kevin took Emma, and Jaz went off with Veronica. That left me with Antonio. He's asleep rn "Aye Carl come here" Kevin said as he came out of the back hold emma. I followed him into the. Back and it was a dressing room.

Kevin and a few other people where Back there "so after the wedding we have the get together but we have no idea where were gonna have it at" Kevin said. I looked at him confused as. I repositioned Antonio "Ok" I said "So I was thinking if it was OK with you and jazz, we all take a trip back to Chicago and we all stay with you and jazz and party our lives out"

I mean I do miss home and shit "I'll go ask jazz" I said "ayeee" they all said "here give me him" Lip Said as he grabbed Antonio. I walked out of the room and down to where the girls dressing room is and knocked on the door and Fiona opened the door.

"Carl, hey" she Said as she hugged me
"Hey, umm is jazmín in here" I asked as I scratched my head "yeah hang on I'll get her" she said as she went back in and I stood there. I gotta call cordae and Manny and get them back over here if they are gonna leave cause we can't leave them here.

jazmín came out of the room "wassup baby" jazmín said "umm so kev wants to no if after the wedding if we all wanna pack up and all go home to Chicago and stay at our house" jazmín's face brightened up "Yeah we can do that but I'm gonna call ski and tell him to be sure the house is all the way cleaned up" jazmín's said.

"Did jahseh go home?" I asked "Yeah he left yesterday to take my impala home" jazmín said "ight well I'll go tell kev, you look beautiful by the way" I said as I smiled at her "thank you baby" she said as she kissed me "ight go ahead and get back in there"

She went back in and I went back down to where Kevin and the rest of them where. I walked in and they all looked at me. I sat down on the couch and pulled my phone out "Carl???" Kevin said "what" I said as I looked at him he looked at me "oh its a go, we are going to Chicago"

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