Can we say love at first sight

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Antonio in media

Jazmin's  POV

Hey guys I'm Jazmin I'm 15 years old I'm a thick light skin braceface Puerto Rican and I kinda just like to stay to myself.

Rn I'm in my room chilling watching TV I think I'm going to go across the street to my best friend debbies.

I got up went to my closet and put on some black skinny jeans a blue Nike shirt and my blue and grey 5s .

I have 1 younger sibling his name is Antonio I love him to death even tho some times he's annoying.

I texted debbie a few minutes ago and told her I was coming over we hang out a lot so I walked out of my room kissed my brother bye and left.

Me and my mom don't have the best relashinship honestly me and her fight a lot cause honestly she's a dead beat ass parent.

She goes out and gets drunk and leaves me and Antonio to fend for our selfs but he's only 5 so I have to take care of him.

I bye his shoes I bye his clothes I bye all his stuff she only bout one pair of shoes for Antonio and that where the fruity pebble foams.

But I love my baby brother he's like my son but anyway I walked over to Debbies house and knocked on the door and I was greeted bye Lip.

"Hey jazz" lip pulled me into a hug "hey lip" I walked in and took my shoes off and went into the kitchen where debbies was.

"Heyy debbie" she was cooking for her and frannie "hey Jazmine" me and Debbie where talking when I seen Fiona walk in the front door.

"Well Jazmin must be here cause I dont think any of us own jordans" I laughed and walked up and hugged Fiona.

Me and Debbie and frannie went upstairs in debbies room and where chilling and talking about life when there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door looking down at my phone and then I looked up Carl was standing there and he stared at me and I stared at him.

I moved out the way and he gave her a bag from the mall me and him do the same thing to get money we hustle.

He gave her a bag and she said "thank u" and he said "your welcome" my eyes haven't left him since he came in the room he peered at me at the corner of his eye.

I looked at him and he looked away and walked out of the room and shut the door I think I like Carl vro.

Debbie looked at me and said " you wanna stay the night?" I gave her tat look like really nigga " now u know I wanna stay the night".

Debbie put Frannie to sleep and while she did that I ran over to my house and grabbed my phone charger my  MacBook and some basketball shorts.

I went in Antonio's room and packed his bag with some pajamas and clothes for tomorrow and I put them in his bag.

He's gonna go with his dad for the night cause mom's not here and I'm not gonna leave him alone.

I took Antonio down the street to his dad's and went back to Debbies I walked inside and ran straight into Carl.

I stepped to the side and he walked upstairs I sat on the couch next to Liam and said "Wassam fam" he's so fucking cute bro he looked at me and waved.

Debbie came in the living room and sat down next to me and said "we should have a movie night" and I shrugged my shoulders cause I really didn't care.

She got up and walked up stairs I played with Liam while I waited for her to come back when she did Carl was behind her.

Carl sat in the chair across from me I honestly think I have feelings for Carl but I'm not 100 percent.

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