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Jazmin's POV

It's 4 in the morning and I'm being woken up bye Dominic waking up crying I got up and went and got him from the room "What's wrong baby" he layed his head on my shoulder and touched his lip.

I pulled his hand away from his mouth and I took him to the kitchen i grabbed some ibuprofen and a spoon and applesauce I sat Dominic on yhe counter and got 1 pill out of the bottle I got a spoonful of applesauce and put the pull in it I told Dominic to open his mouth he opened his mouth and I put the spoon in his mouth.

He swollowed the apple sause and I gave him his cup I put the Applesause away away and picked up Dominic I layed him in my arms and turned the light off i rocked him a little bit while walking around that ibuprofen should kick in any minute now and he should fall asleep again.

I walked around the living room rocking him I new he fell asleep because I heard all the air going back into the bottle from him sucking on it I rocked him for a few more minutes then took him upstairs.

I layed him in his playpen and walked out we gotta get him a bed soon he's getting big but I walked outta the room and went back to mine and climbed in the bed with Carl I got under the blankets and went back to sleep

**************Next day*************

Jazmin's POV

I just woke up and the kids are still asleep and Carl's playing with my Sides "Carl what are u doing" I ask him as he keeps grabbing my sides "nothing but your getting thick" I looked at him "really Carl"

"It's true" he said as he grabbed my ass "ok stop" he grabbed my face and started kissing me I kissed him back he pulled me on top of him and he slid his hand up to my neck causing me to moan "Carl stop" I groaned trying to get him to stop.

"No" he said as his grip got Tighter on my neck causing me to moan even more my hands wandered up to his hair I ran my fingers threw his hair and pulled causing him to groan "Fuck babygirl" he said his hands went down to my ass and one of my hands went to his neck and the other one stayed in his hair.

He flipped us over where he was on top and I grabbed the collar to his shirt and pulled on it indicating for him to take it off he took it off and he  pushed his waist against mine and I pulled his hair.

He groaned as i grinded my waist against his and pulled his hair my hsnds wondered from his hair down to the waistband of his pants and he said "You sure babygirl" and I thought to myself at first then shook my head.

He took my pants off and i pushed his pants down with his pants down as i Heard crying Coming from the boys room it was probably Dominic so I looked at Carl and he looked at me and he flipped off of me.

I got up and put my shorts back on and went into the boys room Dominic was standing in his playpen just crying I picked him up and Carried him to the I gave him to Carl and grabbed his cup off the dresser and ran downstairs.

I put apple juice and water in his cup and grabbed the Apple sause and a spoon and went upstairs I put the stuff on the bed side table and grabbed the Ibuprofen from the dresser I grabbed a pill out of it and and put in in the apple sause.

"Where did u learn that from" Carl asked and I said "learn what" I asked and he said "to hide the fucking pills in applesauce I used to have to hold him down or crush the pill and put it in his juice" and I looked at him and said "Common sense babes"

I gave Dominc his Cup and moved him to the middle of the bed and me and Carl sat in either side of him grabbed my phone and scrolled threw my phone and somebody made a collage of basically most of Dominic's moods.

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