Lil baby

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Carl's POV

"Baby what are we gonna name her" i asked Jazmine as i looked down at the baby "Idk i haven't thought about it " i said and I looked down at her and then sat on the bed with Jazmin "What about Emma" Jazmin said "what about the middle name" i asked "Isabella" i said "Yessssss" she said

"Emma Isabella Gallagher" Jazmin said as she looked at Emma i passed Emma to her and I grabbed my phone "Your dad's downstairs you want me to go get him" i asked her "Yes please" she said "I'll be back" I said as i kissed her and Emma and left out.

Jazmin's POV

I'm so happy you don't understand I'm glad my baby's here i got a text from my baby sister jordan telling me she was on the way to see me I never rely talk about her because we haven't seen each other in so long.

Jordans gay she looks just like me just a lil diffrent she has a girlfriend named Lilly that I absolutely love that's like my bestfriend we don't have the same mom's but we have the same dad witch is cool cause I love my dad  but yeah.

I looked down at Emma as he eyes popped open and she started crying "It's ok baby" I said as i rocked her slowley i started feeding her and I heard the door open so I grabbed her blanket and covered her as my dad and Carl came into view.

"Congratulations" my dad said "Thank you" i said to him Carl sat down and so did my dad "Jordan and her girlfriends there way here" i said as i looked down at Emma "Damn I haven't heard from her in a minute" my dad said "Who's Jordan" Carl said
"I know and that's my sister threw him you'll remeber her when u see her" i said.

My phone started ringing so i grabbed it and seen jordan was calling

Jazmin❤: Hello

Jordan🌈: Hey so what's the name your registered under because it sure ain't your regular last name

Jazmin❤: *put her on speaker* Gallagher

Jordan🌈: *Gallagher* wait Gallagher as in Carl Gallagher lip Gallagher Debbie Gallagher and Ian Gallagher

Jazmin❤: Yes

Jordan🌈: Oh shit sis witch one of them did you get married to

Jazmin❤: You'll have to see when u get up here.

Jordan🌈:Whatevaaaaaaa here we come tho

She hung up and Carl said "I'll be back" then walked outta the room "I can't denie that child" My dad said "Why you say that" i said while laughing "She got my laugh my sence of humor my accent" he said "i get it" i said as i looked down at Emma. I moved Emma and pulled my shirt back up as The door opened.

Then I seen jordan "omg jordan what happened to your hair" i said as i put Emma down in her basanet thing "I cut that shit" she said as she ran her fingers threw her hair "We have to talk later" Jordan said as she pointed at me I shook my head "Wassup pops" Jordan said as she hugged our dad "Damn u bout tall as me" he said

"Hey lilly" i said "Hey Girllll congrats" she said as she hugged me "Thank u" i said "So where's this husband at" Jordan said as she said that the door opened and Cordae walked in "Umm sis last time I checked Ybn cordaes last names not Gallagher" Jordan whispered as manny came in "And neither is ybn mannys"

"Jordan" i said with my teeth clenched "What" she said "Shut up" I said "Wait a minute what" both Cordae and manny said "what" Jordan said "you though we where married to her" Manny said while laughing lightly "well i asked where her husband was and then Cordae came outta no where then she said it wasn't him then manny came outta no where so Kinda"

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