L.A baby

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Jazmíns POV
"Turn left" I said as I point threw the front windshield. We have like 10 min
Till we get to Fiona and them, they haven't met Emma yet so that should be fun "Cordae" I said trying to get his Attention cause he had headphones on "wassup" he said as he pulled the headphones out of his ear.

"Is she asleep" I asked refering to Emma "No she's awake" cordae said as he moved the blanket away from his face "Turn down this road" I said as I pointed carl in the right direction he turned and I looked back. Manny was asleep along with Dominic.

Dominic I think is starting to get sick cause he's been wantin to be held all the time and his nose has been running like crazy I hope he doesn't get sick tho cause then the rest of the kids are gonna get sick and then Emma.

"Turn down here and it's on the left" I said as I read the directions off my phone. I turned the screen off as Carl made the turn I seen lip in the front yard and he seen our car and ran into the house "Manny wake up" I said he didn't move.

Carl pulled up in front of the house and parked as they all came outside I got out of the car. I hugged lip and then opened the back door "Manny" I said as I shook him slightly "Manny"I said as I slapped his cheek and got no response this boy was really passed out. "MANNY" I yelled as I punched him in the dick.

"OWW YOU FUCKING BITCH" he yelled as he shot up and put his hands over his dick i laughed and he got out of the car I pulled the seat down and grabbed dominic out and he payed his head in my shoulder Lip came and got him and he started crying and reaching for me.

"Hold on dominic" I said as I picked up Antonio and put him down and he ran staight to Debbie cause Debbie is his favriote they all started walking into the house and I grabbed Emma diaper bag and put it on my back and grabbed the car seat. I put a blanket over the front of her car seat and pulled her out.

I shut the door and walked into the house I walked into the kitchen and Fiona pulled a chair out for me "Thank you" I said "No problem" she said. I put Emmas carseat on the chair and hugged Fiona "ugh I missed you kid" she said.

"I missed you to " I said "Let me see this Lil one" she said as she let me go I walked over to Emma and put the handle down and moved the blanket and she was asleep "Omg she's so cute" Fiona said as she put her hand over her mouth.

Carl came down stairs in some basketball shorts with no shirt on. He came and unbuckled the buckles and pulled her arms out and she moved and opened her eyes "Omg her eyes" Fiona said as he lut her hands over her mouth.

Carl smiled and picked Emma up  and payed her on his chest "hi babygurl" he said "If you wanna hold her wash your hands" carl said.

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