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Jazmins POV

So me and debbie are doing our hair in her room while I wait for Carl to get home I already went and linked with Monty and we did our video and stuff. "Wheres carl" debbie asked me "he took the boys to get there hair cut" I said as I fixed my edges.

I heard the door downstairs open and the kids voices "Well there here now" I said while laughing. I heard Antonio's voice coming closer along with Dominic's and liam's then I heard there feet against the ground "Mama, Auntie" the kids yelled as they ran over to me and hugged my legs "Hey babys" I said as I hugged them.

Carl came into the bedroom carrying Emma's carseat and he looked irritated. "What's wrong babe" I asked "nothing" he said as he put Emma's carseat down on the bed " you sure" I said "yeah i'm sure" he said "ok" I said back as I looked at him. He pushed the handle to Emma carseat down and looked at her then at me.

"Damn shawty can I get your number" carl said as he walked up behind me. I laughed and he smiled the kids ran out of the room following debbie and me and Carl stood there. I leaned against the dresser and looked into the mirror at carl as he pushed against me and put his hands on my waist.

He put his face in my neck and I put my head down on his to push him off my neck and his hand came off my waist and moved he moved my head up straight. I smiled and rolled my eyes as kissed my neck. He started leaving a hickie on my deck "Carl" I said trying to get him to stop "not my name" he said.

He pushed his waist against the back of me. I new he was getting hard cause that's the only reason why he did it. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I grabbed my phone and took a picture as he bit my ear "carl dont do that" I said "shhh" he said as he kissed my neck again "let me see your arms" he said.

I put my arms flat down and he put his arm over the front of them pulling them back. He held my arms behind my back as he went back to kissing my neck "Carl what's wrong with you" I said "I cant show love to my baby" he said down my neck giving me the chills.

With his free hand he managed to get his hand down the front of my pants "Carl" I said as I tried to move my hand. His hand went into my underwear and I felt his hand on top of me. He pushed one finger in. "Dont touch me" he said as he let my arms go. I left them where they where.

He pulled me back and my hand was on his dick cause they where behind my back. The more turned on he got was the faster he got the he added another finger "Carl" I moaned trying not to scream. "Mhmm I like you this way" Carl said as he laughed i closed my eyes and threw my head back.

"Carl im close" I moaned as I threw my head back trying not to grab his arm car slid his hand over my mouth as I came. I grabbed his arm as I rode to my tiptoes heavy breathing. Emma started crying from behind us. He pulled his hand out of my pants and walked out of the room and I walked over to Emma and picked her up "Yo daddy crazy babygirl"

~skipping to them getting ready for the wedding~

Jazmins POV

"Dominic come here" I yelled cause we have to get ready for the wedding. "Carl just got him out of the bath we kind of have like a rotation going on. He puts in dominic get its him out and sends him to me then puts in Antonio then after Antonio is done hes gonna put liam in then after liam he' gonna give Emma a bath and bring her to me

Dominic came in the room wrapped in a towel I picked him up and layed him on the bed. I dried him off and put Lotion all over his body. I put a diaper on him and stood him up  I grabbed his black skinny jeans and put them on him and buttoned them up I grabbed hi white and tan Gucci button down shirt and helped him put it on.

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