CH. 35 No Sugarcoating

(Kimani POV)

Earlier when we were having breakfast, I knew that Dean was unsure with what I said, but it was simply true and I just couldn't sugarcoat the matter.

I had to be able to protect myself in many ways because I can't always expect Dean to be with me. I can't always expect him to be always there to protect me, what if we get separated in a short period of time?

I would be left defenseless and unable to protect myself.

That is definitely something that I want to stop feeling and not to ever feel ever again.

I want to be able to protect myself, I am completely fine with having Dean protecting me, but I would like to be able to protect myself too and it would be especially nice to be able to protect Dean and the others if they need to be protected.

I was in the living room sitting with Kevin, Dean went to go make a phone call to the Private Investigator Jacob had hired to find my private bank account, Gui Lee.

"I'm sorry I couldn't do anything," Kevin said looking at me and I raised a brow.

"What do you mean?" I asked him.

He let out a sigh.

"Of course Damian and I, suspected and well knew that he was part of that group of people because some people that were in the prison did not deserve to be there. Including us, he was making a huge amount of profits on the bodies in the prison. He actually was working with Jeff Baez himself." Kevin said and I nodded my head.

"Yeah, I knew he worked with Jeff Baez I just didn't know about anything like I know now. You knew what I knew, which is why I helped you and Damian, but it goes deeper than that, deeper than I expected. I'm not going to sit here and lie, to say that I didn't suspect that Jacob was getting his hand into some toxic stuff but I didn't know he had his whole hands into that type of cookie jar, to know he was part of a group like who do things like that is something that I would never have stayed to witness. I wouldn't have cared about him taking me away from the situation I was in, I don't stand for evil." I said meaning each word that came out of my mouth.

I have witnessed what Evil is from a young age, I have witnessed what a loss could do to a person, who ends up blaming someone else for that loss.

People can't just keep playing with other people lives like that, it isn't right and it's a horrible thing that it's happening.

Dean came back into the living room with his stuff in hand, his laptop, and other gadgets. He smiled at me and I gave him a small smile.

Concern filled his eyes, and I widen my smile so he wouldn't be worried about earlier.

"Hey, baby." He said coming towards me to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey," Kevin answered getting a laugh from me and Dean.

Dean came and sat next to me.

"So when are they getting here?" Kevin asked and Dean checked his laptop.

"They will be landing in an hour, I offered to pick them up but Damian said that wouldn't be a good idea and said he had it covered," Dean said and I nodded my head.

"That's smart of him, we can't have the wrong people seeing you or Damian together. Especially since you both went to the bar to asked the Bartender Tommy about Kevin." I said and Kevin nodded his head.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to get Tommy, somehow to come here. I don't know, since the conversation I had with Dean yesterday. I felt like that Tommy would no longer be safe at that Bar." Kevin said.

"Well, he's a good guy. I mean, he didn't give the wrong people any information about you at all what so ever and he's able to read people extremely well, but I do feel like he knows more information about this so-called grim reaper then he is leading on. I don't know if he's just scared about telling us more information or if he has his reasons. I agree with you on getting him here, I can't have people dying because of us. It's not right." I said, feeling Dean and Kevin staring at me.

I let out a sigh.

"You also can't be the one who goes get him. You're wanted, and we have no idea who in Brazil actually knows your identity. Especially with you asking questions around earlier and trying to get answers. So you won't be the one to get Tommy." I said and Kevin's eyes widen.

"Okay, so who's going to get him, Dean?" Kevin asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sounds safer. Maybe I and Natasha can go with Damian." I said and Dean's eyes widen.

"You're not going without me." He said and I smiled.

"I'll be fine. Honestly. We haven't decided on who was going to go yet, will figure it out later on today. I'm just not taking a risk on someone's life right now, people have been getting killed over the littlest things lately also. I don't want to play around with someone's life, especially with these people already hurting people out there as much as they can you know, we should be keeping them safe, not putting them in danger." I said and Dean nodded his head.

"Okay, Baby. I understand." He said and I gave him a smile.

"Well damn, is this the same Kimani? The same Doctor Kimani, taking charge. I like it, it looks good on you." Kevin said and I laughed.

"It just takes the right person to bring it out, that's all," I said and I felt Dean grabbed my hand and give it a squeeze.

"I'm glad I got to bring it out. I'm here for Y'all." Kevin said getting up quickly missing the thing Dean threw at him.

I burst out laughing at how the brothers were behaving and I was happy that they were finally reunited with each other.

it was great that Kevin was fine because I knew Dean was extremely worried about Kevin not being okay, but now that they're together. I see the worries that were showing in his eyes no longer showing and he was less tense about the matter.

He had his brother and maybe he was even happier that he had me.

The look Dean gave me made me not even question that, he was happier that he had me.

"Well, boys you both do know when Natasha and Damian get here we will all need to form a plan right?" I asked and Kevin nodded his head.

"Yes, also with Damian skills we might be able to know more about these people in the groups. I have everything that I have encountered in my head and back up with proof in my laptop and USB drives. I also have names and their position, also where they're located." Kevin said and Dean nodded his head.

"So do I. When I called Gui lee earlier I basically was recruiting. He's a good man and he's safe with his family right now in the hideout home. He's going to be working with us and when the others get here, I'll webcam him in so we can all be in the same page, he's also going to be our eyes and ears back in the State and also the United States." Dean said and my eyes widen on how smart that was on recruiting Gui Lee.

I smiled.

"Good, finally will be able to get down to business," I said and Kevin smiled.

"Damn right, Boss," Kevin said laughing and giving me a fist punch.

(*Kassandra Speaks*)

I love Kevin so much, he is so funny and cute. Haha, Dean and Kimani relationship is progressing where they both have an understanding of each other and also an understanding with what they feel like is right. Dean took the time to listen to what Kimani has to say about how she feels like dealing with a certain matter would be right and it was shown that Dean respects Kimani. Ugh, I love these two and I love Kevin for third wheeling and making the cute moment between the two funny.

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