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Dear Dolls, as you all know I put the effort and hard work into writing these stories for you and I put love, tears, relateable conflict in these books for you. You may also know that I do work, going to school, my relationship, my family and managing my life.

We all know Wattpad doesn't pay.

So you all know, I'm posting my books here for free, I'm writing for free so that you can read my work.... For FREE. Lol

Many writers have taken many steps to getting money for their work and I am one of them.

Will I keep posting on Wattpad? Of course.

I know that you all love my work and always ask for updates.

Here's a way to get updates sooner, as in getting it the day you ask, the minute you ask without waiting.

I've joined Patreon like many writes have,

Join my Journey on Pateron. You can find the information on my profile.

I've also joined Amazon Authors. So my work will be placed on sale, on Amazon Kindle starting this SUMMER. with BONUS CHAPTERS, MORE CHAPTERS AND a Full length ending to each book than it's version on WATTPAD.

If you join my Pateron page you get all the benefits.

All information will be found on my profile, including the LINK to the Pateron page so you can join. Please read the page clearly with understanding.


BECOME A PATRON. On my Pateron page for the benefits. Thank you :)

Thank you

-Kassandra Vivu

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