CH. 21 So this is the Kid

(Kimani POV)

Dean & I finally reached the place where the guy who said he had seen Kevin, Dean's Brother.

It was a bar, my eyes rolled. Of course, Kevin would be seen at a bar.

Dean spoke. "The kid probably has actually seen Kevin after all, this is a typical place that Kevin would hang out around." He said and I nodded my head.

He turned to stare at me and stretch out his hand waiting for me to grab it and I smiled at him.

Grabbing his hand so I can hold it as we walk into the Bar together.

"Do you think he's working today?" I asked Dean and as we walked in. Dean's eyes avoided everyone else as his eyes focus on one person only and I already had the answer to the question I asked earlier.

Dean led the way and I held onto his hands not paying attention to the people in the bar that were curious about who we were. This bar seems like a bar that had regular customers and we, of course, weren't on that list.

When Dean approached the guy, the guy eyes widen and he held his hand up as if Dean was going to beat him up. I quickly walked in front of Dean because we didn't need this guy getting scared now.

He was just a teenager and I had no idea how he got this job in this bar which means, the owner is probably family or a family friend.

I smiled at him.

"Hey, we're not here to give you trouble, honestly. we just want to talk to you about somethings okay. My man over here might seem scary but he isn't. We're not here to cause trouble. You have my word." I said and the guy stares at me for a moment, lowering his hands down and nodding slowly.

I give him a relieved smile. "Great, hopefully, you can help us out because we need it," I said and pointed towards a table and gesture for him to sit with us over there. He nodded his head and walked towards the round table and sat in one of the seats. We followed him and sat in the other seats.

"So what is this about? what are you guys? undercover feds or something?" He said and my eyes widen, woah this kid is taking a huge amount of guess right now.

Dean shook his head. "No. We're not but we're here because you saw someone that is very important to us and we believe you can help us find him." Dean said and the guy leaned against his seat.

"Is it about that same guy, you're like the sixth person who asked me about him, man." The kid said and I got eager to get this through so I took the head of the conversation.

"What's your name and did you tell the other people any more information?" I asked him and his eyes slide towards me.

"It's Tommy & Not much, I've seen the guy and I didn't give them that much details because I didn't want to get into anything or help people murder someone." He said and my eyebrow raised.

"What do you mean help people murder someone?" I asked him and I felt Dean grip on my hand tighten as if he was trying to calm his self down.

"Okay so the first set of people that came to ask me about this guy seem to be chill, and they seem to just want answers. Two big tall fella's, gingers too." He said and Dean nodded his head so I assumed those were his man.

"The second person was a guy, his name was Damian. I remember his name because I thought it was a cool name." He said and my hand tightens because I knew that Damian guy. He was Kevin best friend in the prison and they were buddies. He probably wants to know where Kevin is too and I would have to talk to this about Dean.

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