Ch. 24 I always want to feel like this.

(Dean POV)

The way she has me feeling, it's a feeling I have never come across before and I must be honest and say.

I never felt like this way before, her touches just leave my body shivering and wanting more.

Yes, it was a foreign feeling but I want to experience it in many lifetimes.

The way she was looking at me, the way her stare held mine.

But when I said those words to her. I meant them, telling her that "I'm always going to want you." was me being completely honest with her.

I plan on being honest with her.

Her reply to what I said, drove me mad especially the way she was sitting, leaning against my body.

she was going to taste me, my mind was going haywire.

My eyes went behind my eyelids, as I felt her mouth take me in.

I groaned experiencing this wonderful feeling for the first time.

I felt her tongue twirl around my cock, my hand instantly found her head and I held her head gently down giving her space to move it if she wanted to.

I lowered my eyes to look at her and I groaned even louder when I found her already staring at me.

"Mmm baby you like that?" she said and I didn't know if I should answer her or just nod my head.

She damn well knows I like what she was doing to me, she suddenly stopped what she was doing to me and looked at me only.

My eyes widen because I was taken off guard on the reason why she stopped touching me and taking me in her mouth.

I was going to ask her whats wrong until she cut me off with words that had me speechless.

"I asked you, Baby.... do you like it? tell me you do or I'll think you don't" she said staring at me with her big baby doll eyes.

"Yes. I love it. don't stop, please" I said and she took out her tongue and gave me a lick.

"Good. I want to know if I am making you feel good, so don't be afraid to tell me okay?" she said and I nodded my head.

"Yes Ma'am," I said and she took me in her mouth

"Fuck Baby," I said as she worked her mouth on my cock.

I felt her start to touch my balls and she started playing with them.

My eyes went behind my eyelids again and before I knew it I found myself speaking a language that I didn't even know I spoke.

The way she was working her tongue on me, the way her mouth lowered and rise on my cock.

The noises she made while sucking me off.

I wanted her, I had to have her.

"Sit on my face," I said randomly, she stopped doing what she was doing and stared at me with her mouth dropped opened.

I smiled at her.

" You can finish that later, for now. sit on my face." she looked stunned as if she wasn't expecting that. I mean I couldn't blame her, but I wanted to do it.

I wanted to taste her.

"I want to taste you," I said and she nodded her head slowly.

"Where's the brave woman that was just here a few seconds ago, taking control of me. You can still take control of me Buttercup. grab my face and take control, just sit on it before you do so." I said and her eyes widen.

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