CH. 16 We're a team

(Kimani POV)

I was in Brazil, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes as I look out the window of the car Dean was driving.

I couldn't believe how weird my life just started being.

My anger went back towards Jacob. so he found out I had a secret account, that's none of his business.

It was my money and the selfish greedy bastard thought he could help his self to it? Over my dead body. He could have got me dead but unfortunately for him, I'm not and I will get my revenge on him.

After I help Dean find his brother Jacob was going to get haunted by his late wife and I am going to enjoy torturing the bastard.

"Woah, that look on your face could scare the Devil him self, are you okay?" Dean asked me and I looked at him and smiled.

"Of course I am," I said smiling and he nodded his head but gave me look reflecting that he wasn't buying anything I was saying about being okay.

"You know I'm here to talk to you right? No matter what's going through your mind, no matter how crazy you think the thought is. It's okay to talk to me about it Kimani. I want us to be partners and not only partners with finding my brother, but partners in many other ways. We're a team and we work together. If one of us is going through something, we should be able to tell each other what it is and get through it." Dean said and I eyed him differently.

I had a new view of him, it was like Jacob was a boy and Dean is a man.

Jacob wasn't even allowed to walk the same planet as Dean.

I smiled at the Man who I knew damn well I fell for and I was a goner.

"You're the sweetest, weirdest, craziest, smartest nerd and sexiest man I have ever met you know that?" I asked and He let out a laugh.

That laugh could make any girl be a goof ball just to get this man laughing again.

"Thank you. Wasn't expecting that but thank you." He said and I smiled nodding my head. this time turning my face around to look out the window.

When Dean and I were in the Jet, watching Jacob on camera. He was going to tell Hellen about my Past before I closed Deans screen.

I didn't want Dean hearing it from Jacob when I was ready I wanted to tell Dean my own self. Be side Jacob thought he knew everything about my past but he really didn't. He didn't know who I really was.

No one knew who I really was except me.

"We're going to retrace your brother steps," I said to Dean still looking out the window at the beautiful people of Brazil walking around and the children running and playing,  not having a care in the world.

Memories start to flash in my head but I pushed them away. Now wasn't the time to remember those.

"Yes knowing my brother, he's going to leave a trail of his behavior behind. All I have to do is act like a curious tourist and ask the right questions with out ticking people off. Which means we're going to be playing spies my little buttercup. You're in for that?" He asked me and I nodded my head.

"Of course we're a Team after all," I said meaning it when he called him and I a team I wanted to grab him right there and then, giving him a hug but of course he was driving and I wasn't that crazy. I survive not dying once. Couldn't do it again.

I wasn't a cat that had Nine Lives.

"Good, we're going to rest for the day. We need to rest." He said pulling into an isolated area with a beautiful house that was surrounded by a huge gate.

"Who's place is this?" I asked him as he put in the passcode and drove in.

"Mine." He answered and I laughed, not understanding why I even bothered asking.

We pulled up in front of the place and got out the car.

I help Dean bring all his stuff inside and after we were done unpacking the things we needed to unpack I stared at the place in amazement.

Beautiful couldn't describe the home.

"Beautiful," I said staring around the place.

"Yes, she is," Dean said coming behind me and wrapping his arms around me.

"Dean I was talking about the House," I said laughing but My heart was beating extremely fast that I'm sure it could pop out of my chest and just run away from me that very moment.

"Well, I was talking about you." He said and I felt myself being lifted up, Dean held me bridal style.

"You need to sleep, you look tired and I know you're so no buts and we can start our mission tomorrow Buttercup." He said walking up the stairs and going into a room.

There was a beautiful bedroom set in it and Dean laid me on the bed which felt like a cloud if I was extremely tired I would have passed out right there and then.

But I had other things in mind and I wasn't going to let Dean get away. When he was about to pull away I wrapped both my legs around his waist.

which caused him to look down at me with our eyes connecting.

"Buttercup..." he started saying but I caught him off.

"I want you," I said and Moved my body causing my lower part to rub against his.

He groaned and I laughed at him trying to stop me.

"Dean move your arm out of the way," I said rubbing my lower part against him again and he groaned again and he stared down at me and smirk.

"That's not my arm." He said and my eyes widen when I realized that my head was Between his arms and he was looking down at me.

Oh shit... that's not his arm.... which means.... Oh, heck nah let me stop I'm not ready for this.

I heard Dean chuckled, and I went back to focusing on what I just started.

I instantly felt his lips on mine and I moaned letting his tongue twirl with mine. I wrapped my arms around him and felt Dean rubbing his self against me also.

My moans got louder when I felt how hard he was, was I honestly ready for this? Dean was huge.

Am I sure?  I'll be fine right? right?

He stops kissing me and lowered kisses down my body.

"There's no need for clothes." He said taking my clothes off me so fast I wasn't even sure if I was wearing any in the first place. He trailed his kisses down my body.

"Now time to give you the experience you've never had." He said and I let out a gasp.


(Kassandra speaks)

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