CH. 46 Get ready, set, Shoot!

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CH. 46 Get ready, set, Shoot!

(Dean POV)

Right after breakfast, I wanted to show the others that I was serious about the discussion we had at breakfast but for some reason, they were all surprised when I said that Natasha and Kimani will be doing shooting lessons and combat lessons outside. When I told Tommy to join, he looked at me with a serious face and said he already knows how to.

I guess the Grim Reaper made sure of that.

I was looking at Natasha who was hitting the cans directly with one shot.

"Wow, something tells me that Natasha knows how to use a gun really well," Kevin said next to Damian, Tommy and I.

"Yeah, she does," Damian said.

I looked at Damian's face and saw that he looked tired.

"I'm afraid to ask how you slept," I said looking towards Damian, he glanced at me and let out a sigh.

"I imagine you can tell I didn't get much sleep, I'm not upset about it." He said shrugging his shoulder.

"You know, you could have slept in the couch," Kevin said softly and Damian gave him a what the fuck look.

"No, I couldn't just leave her alone there and you know that," Damian said and Kevin's eyes widened.

"Did something happened? Sorry, just thought you fell asleep on the floor or something in the room." Kevin said rubbing the back of his head.

Giving Damian a sorry look, Damian let out another sigh.

"It's fine, she just had some bad dreams that's all." He said and we nodded our heads.

"She's going to have lots of those," I said, looking towards the girls. My eyes widened when I saw Natasha showing Kimani how to point the gun a certain way and when Kimani did letting out a shot, it hit the can straight on.

"How do you two think she learned how to shoot like that?" I asked them as I turned to look at them and found them staring at her already.

Tommy spoke, to be honest, he was very quiet that I thought he wasn't paying much attention to our conversation.

"She learned to protect herself, she probably taught herself to be honest," Tommy said, us three looked at him.

"You're saying she taught herself how to shoot?" Kevin asked with a raised brow.

"Yes, she seems like the type of person who taught herself many things. She is definitely a fighter and a planner. That's the vibe I get from her." Tommy said, making us look back towards the girls who were speaking to each other.

Kimani had a very serious look on her on what Natasha was saying, I raised a brow wondering what they could be discussing.

I watched as Kimani nodded her head and said something to Natasha who facial expression changed to shock, then to relief and a facial expression that I couldn't understand.

I watch as Kimani said something then gave a soft smile, saying something to Natasha again who nodded her head and then Kimani pulled her into a hug.

"What is that about?" Kevin asked.

"They're bonding," Tommy said.

"Bonding over what?" Kevin asked with a confused look.

"Things that they have in common," Tommy said walking away and towards the girls. Who turned to look at him.

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