CH. 40 Down to Business.

(Dean POV)

I was outside, standing in front of the car. Waiting for Damian to come out with Tommy, I was a little worried that the plan might not work.

It was a small brief planned, something quickly thought about and I was nervous because Kimani was in the bar.

It's the first time Kimani is not with me or around me, after the whole abducting thing.

So, of course, I was nervous and scared for my Buttercup well being.

The back door the Bar suddenly opened and Damian came out with Tommy.

"Guess everything went well, are the girls in the car also and ready to go?" I asked Damian and Tommy getting ready to open the car door until Damian answer made me stop.

"Actually no, they came up with a plan of their own and now they're acting it out in front of a bunch of men right now, but they seem to have it covered so don't be worried," Damian said causing me to turn around and look at him with wide eyes.

"Your insane, you left the girls with a group of men doing what? Acting what out?" I asked him, he explained to me what happened and Tommy confirmed that the men were there before he came into work.

"I'm going to get them," I said and Damian blocked me from the door.

"Look, there they go in the car right now. Let's go." He said pointing to the car that Kimani was driving away.

I let out a breath, getting in the car and driving off also.

"That could have been dangerous and why were those men there in the first place?" I asked Tommy let out a sigh.

"For me I suppose." He said and my eyes widened.

"I mean, we knew people would start thinking something was going on when foreigners started making their way to the bar and talking to you but I feel like there's more into this," I said.

"There is, but it didn't help with you guys coming around and asking me questions either. Of course, I could never out wrong or stay away from certain people." Tommy said, had me wondering what was going on.

We pulled up to the house, and I noticed Kevin was looking through the window, I rolled my eyes and saw the girls coming out the car.

I got out of the car, with Damian and Tommy. The girls walked into the house, I looked around making sure no one was wandering around that shouldn't be before I followed everyone else in.

When I walked in I saw Kevin looking at Tommy, Tommy was talking to Kimani and Natasha.

Tommy suddenly turned to look at Kevin and smiled.

"Hey, glad to see you're alive." He said and Kevin suddenly walked up to Tommy, pulling him into a hug.

Yeah, there is definitely something going on between them.

I thought as I saw Tommy wrapped his arms around Kevin, we decided to leave them alone and walked into the kitchen, taking a seat behind the kitchen table.

"So, I heard you two decided to change plans," I said, watching as both of their eyes widened.

"Well, they were watching him so it was going to take a distraction to get him out. Which we were able to do." Kimani said Natasha shrugged.

"Almost got a cut on my leg by a glass cup but hey, we got Tommy out." My eyes widened. Kimani chuckled.

"It was a close one wasn't it," Kimani said and Natasha looked at her.

"You're telling me. That really took me off guard, I was surprised I didn't have a panic attack." Natasha said and something flash in Kimani eyes, she pulled Natasha into a side hug.

"I got you girl, no worries," Kimani said.

"Hey, Natasha, let's go into one of the rooms and check out if anything has been going on in the states. Will come back out in the hour, I want to see Natasha skills on the computer." Damian said getting up and Natasha nodded her head.

"Yeah, I want to check up on something so we should do that." She said getting up.

I was looking at Kimani who was looking at them, as soon as they were out of eyesight. Kimani looked at me and smiled.

"I'm sorry I made you worried." She said smiling at me and I let out a sigh.

"I was really worried as soon as I heard that you both were left with a group of men," I said getting up and walking towards her.

I kissed her forehead.

"You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Today I realized that I'm going to have to make sure you're able to protect yourself. I'm glad you came out okay but it didn't leave me at ease that something could have happened to you and I wouldn't be there to save you or stop it." I said to her and she looked at me.

She brought her head up and gave me a kiss on my lip.

"Yes, of course, and I am ready for that. I agree with you, I don't want you having to be worried about protecting me all the time. I want you to feel at ease and realize that your girl is able to protect herself." She said causing me to smile.

"My Girl. I like that, I really like that." I said grabbing her hand and bringing her up to stand up.

I wrapped my arms around her, leaning my head onto her neck.

"My baby, my baby love," I said moving our bodies side to side.

She let out a giggle.

"I like having you by my side," I said, meaning it and I felt wrap her arms around me.

"You're so adorable." She said and I laughed.

"Let's go to our room," I said, letting the hug dropped and grabbing her hand, walking towards our room. We walked pass Kevin who was kissing Tommy.

Kimani mouth dropped opened and I kept walking, wanting to get to our room so I could show Kimani how much she meant to me.

She was also in serious trouble for going through that plan of hers.

(*Kassandra Speaks*)

So Kevin and Tommy seem to have something going which explained why Kevin was worried.

Dean is overprotective of Kimani and that shows, he's all for Kimani learning how to protect herself.

Damian and Natasha seem to be working on something together.

The next chapter is when quite of things go down, Get ready DOLLS!!!!!!!

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-Kassandra Vivu

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