CH. 25 No one said it's perfect

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CH.25 No one said it's perfect

(Kimani POV)

As soon as those five words left my mouth.

I knew there was no going back and I didn't want too.

It was as if Dean was a person who simply just wanted to be wanted by someone. He needed to find that one person out there who was going to understand him, who was going to have patience with him and wait to know more about him.

I am ready to be that person.

Feeling him on top of me had me wrapping my arms around him, yes my hands came in contact with touching the scars on his back but I didn't let that get to me.

I felt him going in and out of me, moaning out as he hit the right spots.

I brush my fingers through his hair, as he raised his face gently from where he was hiding it, I stared up at him knowing he was already staring at me.

I touch the side of his face, looking at him gently.

"You know I am going to take care of you also right?" I asked him which had his eyes widening a little.

"Oh yeah?" he asked me with a smirk but his eyes were telling a different story.

He slowed down his thrusting, to sweet and slow ones which had me moaning softly as I said what I had to say.

"Yes, I'm going to take care of you. It's going to work both ways,

I know you're going to always want to take care of me and I am planning on doing the same with you. We're partners and partners take care of each other. I want to take care of you." I said kissing him.

I held his face against mine as I kissed him, wanting him to know I was serious about what I said.

He groaned against my kiss and sped up the pace of his thrusting inside of me.

My head fell back as I let out a moan saying his name.

"Yes baby, that's my girl. You're all mine." He said thrilling kisses down my neck.

He sped up his thrusting even more which had me moaning so loud, I'm pretty sure my moaning could be heard around the whole entire place.

"Mine, Mine, Mine." He said repeatedly.

I felt my body heating up, not knowing that I could go crazy over a simple word.

A word that has so much meaning, a word that I can hear myself hearing forever knowing that I wouldn't get tired of it at all.

"You're so damn Beautiful." He said slowing his pace again which had my eyes widening because I felt him hitting something that I didn't even think existed.

"So damn Beautiful, God, look at you." He said looking down at me while still continuing the pace he was going at.

I moaned everytime he hit that spot, feeling the pleasure of it.

"Baby," I said softly knowing I couldn't take it anymore, knowing that I was on the verge of exploding.

"Yeah Baby?" He said looking at me and kissing me.

Speeding up the pace again and hitting the same spot, I moaned against his mouth.

I wrapped my arms around his back even tighter, knowing that I was going to explode any second. Feeling my body shaking, he released my lips and whispered in my ear.

"Mmm Baby, don't hold back. Don't ever hold back." He said I moaned out his name feeling the orgasm releasing through my body.

"Kimani," he said coming inside of me and dropping his head on my shoulder.

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