Chapter 3 I need to escape

(Kimani POV)

I lay in the trunk of my car. Surrounded by nothing but darkness. I felt my car moving and thoughts started running through my head.

'What was this man going to do with me?'

"I would scream.... But that doesn't sound like a good idea." I said to myself, I knew no one would hear me the way the car was moving and especially since he threaten me earlier on me bringing attention to him.

"Think Kimani, think.... What could you do?"

Many thoughts ran through my head and I laid there thinking of each outcome of the thoughts that played through my mind like little scenarios.

"Okay I can't pull him in the trunk with me, because how am I going to escape? Option 1 is out. I obviously can't scream because I don't know where he's taking me.... Think Kim think."

I started thinking of more Ideas and one finally pop in my head. I closed my eyes and position myself when I felt the car came to a stop. I held my breath and stop breathing, I knew how to do it really well because of watching many videos on YouTube.

I heard him get out the car and started walking. He clicked the beep and I heard the trunk door opened, but I didn't move. I didn't open my eyes and I still held my breath.

"Get up" He said but I didn't. "Hey get up." He shook my arm but I didn't give him any reaction.

"Why... this can't be happening?" I felt him put his finger on my neck feeling for a pulse. He found none, which I knew he wouldn't.

"No! You can't fucking be dead." I felt him lean in and then I opened my eyes and kick him in the stomach, he fell backwards. I got out the trunk and ran, I looked around the area as I was running and noticed that I was in the woods, great he took me to the woods so he could kill me. Just great, talk about a lifetime movie. I kept running as fast I could, jumping branches and things that were in my way, I heard him running behind and I refused to turn around to see him, that would only slow down my pace.

Lesson number one: Never turn back to the killer that's running after you. Thank you Lifetime movies for this.

I started running faster but all I kept seeing was trees.

Where the hell did this Bastard take me?! I felt myself step on something but I would have ignored it if I didn't feel it moving under my feet.

I screamed as something wraps it's self around my leg and fell to the floor. I quickly grabbed the neck of the snake which looked like it was about to bite me. I tried to pull the snake off of me but it wrap itself tighter around me.

"This can't be happening right now, get off!" I heard him coming near me and I couldn't get up and run because if I did this snake would bite me and I don't know if it's poisonous or not. He leaned down next to me and I avoided making eye contact with him. He had a knife in his hand. My breath stop as he brought the knife down to me, he suddenly grabbed the snake neck from my hand and cut it. The snake body releases its grasp from my feet and fell. I looked up to find him looking down at me; I froze from where I was sitting. You've been caught Kim, you made this far. Mind as well do something, I could kick him.

"Thank you so much, wow I don't know what I would have done. I'm terrified of snakes. Thank You." I started to get up and then I swung my leg up to kick him again in the stomach but he caught my leg and stared at me in the eyes.

"Nice try butter cup, but this time your little plan fail."

He let go of my legged and grabbed my arm.

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