CH. 44 We've all have felt pain

(Dean POV)

Being in a group of people who have gone through their own hardships, who have also suffered also had me speechless.

I know that there are others out there who have their fair share of things that have happened to them but how insane is it that all of us in this group has had horrible things happened to us.

How crazy is it that we all just have happened to meet and come together forming this group of ours. It's like the world has brought us together, it's like the writer of our lives wanted us to meet because they knew we would understand each other, hel[ each other and be here for each other.

Each one of us had our own story, each one of us would be given the chance to tell it and we will all get through it somehow. Yes, I truly believe in that.

Tommy was standing there, I'm sure everyone in the room knew he was thinking of what to say or debating if he should actually tell him or not.

I was going to actually voice out that he didn't have to until he spoke.

"I come from the roughest part of Brazil, I didn't grow up with the best parents of course and they didn't really take care of me. My father left when I was 12 and my mother with the little care she had, just stopped caring altogether. She turned to drugs, it was like her escape from what she was going through. She started to ignore me around the house, didn't bother feeding me or making sure I was okay. It was like I was invisible, a matter of fact I was invisible to her. Well, until she needed to use me of course." Tommy said, his voice started to shake.

"My mom was getting the drugs from someone of course and the person who was providing her for the drugs was frustrated when my mom started making promises about paying him and not falling through. She ran out of money, so she started having sex with him for payment towards the drugs. Eventually, he just no longer wanted my mom and had his eyes set on me, my mom has been so invested into the drugs and no longer caring about her son agreed. That is how I found myself being rape at 12 years old. When that was over with, my mother didn't even seem bothered, she didn't have any remorse. It took what that man said to me, telling me that I was perfect and that he would be back for more with friends that had me running away." Tommy said letting out a humorless laugh.

I watched as Kevin my brother flinched, he made eye contact with me and we didn't have to say anything to each other. We know what each other was thinking because we had simply had our own fair share of experiences also.

"I found myself living on the streets, I had nowhere else to go. I didn't know if I had any other family and I don't think they would have cared to help me if I did. I was alone and trying to survive in the streets. I was pickpocketing." He said and I watched both Kimani and Natasha face filled with understanding.

"I knew there were other ways I could have gotten money too, but I refused to be a prostitute. So I just kept pickpocketing and sleeping in abandoned places. I ended up finding an abandoned house, it was perfect. No one knew about it and it was far from civilization and I found comfort in it. It was like a small miracle that I found it, Hell I believed it was a gift from the greater good." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"One day I was out, doing what I usually do. Pickpocketing and I ended up getting six wallets, one of those six wallets was going to change my life and my world. I always take the wallets home with me and toss them later, but when I got home to the place I found as my safe zone. Someone was there waiting for me and it took me off guard, he sat there in the dark. I had no idea how he known about the place or how he knew how to find me but he did. I knew who it was because I had his wallet with me but saying I knew exactly who he was at the time would be a lie. I had no idea who was in my safe zone." He said shaking his head.

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