CH. 39 Just trust us

(Kimani POV)

We were outside the Bar, I was in the car with Damian and Natasha.

"Does it look like anyone is around?" I asked looking around.

"No, everyone that's around seems to be hanging out in the bar. So let's go in and pretend we're doing the same thing." Natasha said and I nodded my head.

I was about to open the door until Damian spoke.

"We all need to be very careful, we don't know who's lurking by and pretending to just be at the bar to hang out. So, we might need another mini plan. How about one of you act like you know the Bartender and give him a hug while whispering that he needs to come with us in his ear." Damian said and I nodded my head.

"Okay, I mean I could do it," I said since I've spoken to him before. He won't give a completely thrown outlook or look extremely shocked to my presence.

We got out of the car and made our way into the bar. When we got into the Bar, walking in. Some Men whistled at us.

"Look at these fine Mama's that just came in, hello there ladies." He said looking at us up and down.

Natasha's eyes widen, it seemed as fear was shown on her face but she quickly blocked it, changing her facial expression. I caught it though and I couldn't blame her, it did make me feel weird with how the guy was looking at us with his friends.

"Come on Ladies, let's get a drink," Damian said grabbing both our hands.

"Aw man, don't tell me these two mamas are for you. Can't share?" The guy asked.

Natasha started leading the way to the bar, we ignored the man who looked mad that we ignored him.

I noticed the Bartender who was looking at us with a worried look, I smiled as I saw him and made way towards him, giving him a quick hug as quickly as I could because he was behind the bar, I was able to whisper in his ears without alerting anyone.

"You need to come with us, we think you're in danger and we came to get you. Kevin is with us." I said in his ear and he turned to look at me, making eye contact with me.

"There's a group of men here, the ones that have talked to you." He let out a laugh that didn't reach his eyes. He was acting as if we were having a funny conversation.

"They're not regulars." He said touching my hair and playing with it.

"I also never seen them around and they've been here before I got here. They keep staring at me and making sure of my movements with their eyes. Almost like they're taking notes." He said letting go of my hair and pulling back.

"Hey, you two." He said looking at Natasha and Damian.

Natasha caught on fast and waved smiling.

"Hey," she said, Damian gave him a quick hug and pulled away.

We all sat on the bar stools, I turned to look at Natasha and she faced me as Damian spoke to the Bartender Tommy.

I took a glance and noticed that the men were sparing us glances but seemed to be having a conversation.

Shit, there was six of them and only four of us.

Dean was in the car at the back of the bar. So I suppose he makes five, but still one of the man that's part of the group of men looks like, Natasha and I would only be one person if we both attack him without any strength or training.

"Natasha, those men have been there before Tommy came to work and he said they've been observing him," I said watching her eyes widen.

"Okay, so that means they feel like he knows something, which means someone sent those men to watch him or maybe to take him somewhere. I think they're observing first because you said they've been here all day. They're taking notes on him for someone, just who and why?" Natasha said but stopped talking.

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