CH. 20 More Members

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CH. 20 More Members.

(Dean POV)

I was communicating with Gui Lee still, giving him the exact location of the safe house I was sending him to, I knew it would come in handy to have safe houses spread out there. Look at them coming in handy.

"Don't worry Gui Lee, We're going to get your sister to meet you at the location with your daughter and you all will be safe," I said.

The thought of that ruthless man going that far to actually hurt Gui Lee family made my skin crawl, did I think Jacob would do something like that? Desperate people take desperate measures to get what they want to be done, done.

I knew Jacob would try everything in his power, the power that needed to be ripped away from him.

"My sister and I have this panic phrase if you tell her that she'll listen to you all the way and rush to me with my daughter." He said and Dean nodded his head staring at me giving me a look.

"Okay, that's smart. What is it?" He asked him

"There's no chicken and rice balls, we need more." He said and I raised a brow, it was smart and it's something that no one else out there would have ever guessed at all.

"Got it. You should be reaching the destination now, go ahead and go in. No one is following you anymore." Dean said and I heard the relief from Gui Lee.

"Thank you so much. " Gui Lee said.

"Don't worry about it, we both need each other help. I'll contact you soon I am going to tell your sister where to meet you and give her the panic phrase also. Talk soon okay?" Dean said and Gui Lee replied by saying a thank you again and a goodbye.

Dean contacted the sister and started working on getting her and her niece to Gui Lee.

I walked away from the conversation wondering about ways to bring Jacob down.

I wanted to bring him down, I wanted to be the one to expose him, showing the world who he actually was.

a sneaky man in disguise trying to fool the world with the mask he has on but that mask will fall off eventually and his true colors will begin to show.

I was going to be the one to rip that mask off his face and he's going to be extremely shocked when he see's me.

I felt arms wrapped around me and I felt Dean put his head on my neck giving it a kissed.

"I got Gui Lee sister to him with his daughter, they're safe. What are you thinking about in this corner alone?" He asked and I smiled bringing one of his arms up and kissed his hand.

"Oh, I like that. that was sexy there Kimani." He said and I laughed.

"Ready to get started. We have to look into the person who has supposedly seen Kevin and get information out of the person." I said and Dean smiled at me.

"You know Buttercup I love it when you're bossy but you're right. We need to get out there. so let's head there right now okay?" He said and I nodded my head following his lead as he held my hand and started walking towards the front door.

"The person who has seen my brother works at this bar. We're going to have to go to the bar to see the person and asked them questions." He said and I nodded my head, as we went out the front door.

"Do you know how the person looks like?" I asked him and he nodded his head as we walked towards the place that held the car.

"Yes, I do. It's a teenage boy." He said.

"Then we will have to not frighten him, we will have to be extremely polite and show him we mean no harm because I don't want to scare a little kid you know what I mean?" I said.

I didn't want the kid to feel like he was dealing with criminal things and serious things that could frighten him, especially don't need anyone else getting hurt for things that are obviously not worth getting hurt over. Information is not worth getting hurt over.

"Of course Buttercup I agree with you a hundred percent and my people that I had asked him was very polite to him so he shouldn't be scared at all when we approached him.

Dean said to me opening the passenger door for me to get in.

I gave him a kiss for being a gentleman and smiled as I got in and sat down.

He waited for me to put my seatbelt on and closed the door making his way around to his side to get in.

He pulled out and started driving.

"So Kevin was probably here to get information right?" I asked and Dean slowly nodded his head.

"Most likely I exactly don't know what he is actually getting information on but I think I have an idea of what though." He said and I nodded my head I didn't want to cloud his mind with his brother.

So I smiled and said, "Okay baby you can tell me later in bed." He gave me a smile and moved his right hand from the steering wheel and squeeze my hand.

"Thank you." He said softly and I nodded my head bringing his hand to my mouth.

"You're welcome," I said and his smile got wider.

"I love when you do sweet gestures like that I feel so worthy of them like you have no idea, my heart actually starts to flutter when you do things like that. I'm not even kidding woman you drive me crazy in all the right ways possible." He said and I felt my face getting extremely hot.

"You're seriously the sweetest person ever you know that?" I said staring at him.

Dean was the most Handsome Man I have ever seen.

Seriously the sweetest person ever.

"You're pretty amazing. Gosh, stop saying things like that I will start getting obsessed with you." I said laughing at the end.

"Who said I wasn't already obsessed with you. Wait till we get back home. I'm going to devour you." He said and my heart clenched.

"Home?" I asked him.

He gave me a genuine look and said "Yes, that's going to be one of our homes and I am going to build so many memories with you in it. Because I am with you now and you make it home." He said and I smiled leaning my head on his shoulder.

"I swear you have me falling for you," I said and I heard him chuckle.

"Fall, I'll catch you. always my Goddess."

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