Ch. 28 Good guy or bad guy

(Dean POV)

Of course, many questions were running through my head.

Some kids grew up thinking that the good guys were the good guys and the bad guys were the bad guys.

Unfortunately, it's not always like that. Sometimes the Good guys aren't actually good at all but they make themselves seem like the good guys and sometimes the Villians aren't actually villains but are seen as that because of what is being shown of them.

I grew up wondering what is so good, about the Good guy. Wondering if everything they did was good, wondering what they were like behind closed doors. I grew up wondering if all villains were actually villains, what if they were just misunderstood, people. Sometimes the good guy is actually a bad guy and sometimes the bad guy might even be the good guy.

But we live in a world that hides the truth, so unless you're looking for it. You won't find it.

It's sad how people can be so blinded supposedly by an act, I hated it.

Why did I hate it so much? Because a suppose "Good person" is the reason I have all the scars I have now.

Why did I hate it so much? Because a suppose "Good person" is the reason I have all the scars I have now

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"I'm listening, explain," I said to Damian,

I knew Kimani had a help on them escaping, I wanted to know the full details on how she actually pulled everything together but if there was something I found out about Kimani on the short period of time that we're together is that she doesn't explain things or brings things up all at once unless it needs to be heard or talked about. I didn't know if she did that intentionally or if it was just part of her personality but I noticed it was something that she did.

"I don't know if you know this but Kevin was working for a very important person. Do you know about a woman name Linda Charles? A lot of people know about her of course because she was a congresswoman but she just wasn't a congresswoman to you or Kevin." Damian said and I sat there, frozen.

Wondering what the heck did that woman had to do with anything, wait he said Kevin was working for her? Why? Why would he want to work for her?

"Kevin was working for her?" I asked Damian already knowing the answer when he nodded his head.

"Dean. What does Linda Charles have to do with Kevin or You?" Kimani asks med. I let out a sigh.

"She's a woman that has History with us," I said, not really wanting to get into it at all what's so ever.

"Why was Kevin working for her? I never knew about this." I said to Damian wondering why the heck would Kevin want to get in contact with that woman.

"Well, he probably knew how you would feel about it so he never mentioned it to you at all but he did start working for her. Most people would wonder why a well-known congresswoman would want to hire someone like Kevin who had no experience at all what's so ever about the type of job that was given to him. A matter of fact, most people did wonder and talk." Damian said shaking his head.

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