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CH. 30 So tell me

(Dean POV)

When Kimani made her way to the bedroom, I turned to give my brother my attention.

I wanted to know why my brother got in contact with that woman.

"So tell me," I said walking towards the living room chair that was in front of where he was sitting.

I wanted to look at, I wanted to analyze all his face reactions to what he was going to tell me.

Truthfully I wanted to see if my brother was out of his mind or not, to simply throw his self back into that woman's life. I just had to make sure, it just didn't make sense to me.

"I know you still hate our mother, Dean," Kevin said and I laughed, a humorless laughed came out of my mouth as I stared directly at my brother. I watched as he flinched from my stare, him looking at my serious expression.

It was the face I put on when I was building up my barrier when I was trying not to let anything crumble. He knew that face, I've had it on many times when we were little. I learned how to make this face at a young age and I was not ashamed to admit that this face was going to be my barrier for a very long time.

"That woman is not our mother, she's not your mother and she isn't mine. You didn't forget that did you?" I asked him, raising a brow. Wanting to know if he would answer the question or not.

Who in their right mind would call that woman a mother?

"Dean, I just wanted to talk to her. I just wanted to ask her why?" Kevin said and my heart clenched at the pain look on my brothers face.

He is my brother and I love him very much, a part of me knew that he never changed that part of him. That part where he kept waiting for Mommy to change and come back.

As a kid I was angry, wondering why he kept thinking that a woman like that would come to take us. Why a woman like that could be a mother, it caused me anger but he was still my brother. We still protected each other, we still love each other.

"Knowing why Kevin, wasn't going to make a difference. We still went through what we went through. What happened to us still happened, learning why she was the way she was, wasn't going to change the past. Did you fail to see that?" I asked him and he stared at me directly.

"I know that but I still wanted to know, I was angry. I didn't want to go alone but I knew you wouldn't agree with it. I knew you probably would have knocked me out and kept me locked in a room then to agree to something like that. I had to do it on my own, so I got to her and I got to ask the questions I needed to ask." He said.

I could feel that my hands were trembling so I folded them, I wanted to know the questions he asked.

"So, tell me. What questions did you ask?" I asked him and he let out a sigh, running his hand through his hair.

"I asked her why she left us with that man." He said and his accent came out, he was struggling with his words. The look on his face let me know that memories were probably going through his mind right now.

"Why she left us with a man that abused us?" I asked him and he flinched.

I didn't care that very moment, I wasn't going to make this easy for him.

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