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Enchanted Eyes : The Prince's Reincarnated Consort by Sotongkurita
Enchanted Eyes : The Prince's Rein...by Sotong kurita
He said, "Let's get married when we grow up" He said, "Your eyes are so beautiful" He said, "I will always love you the way you are" but he...
  • historicalchinese
  • lovestory
  • sidecharacter
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Porcelain Skin ( Book 1 - DP Series- COMPLETE) by kario12
Porcelain Skin ( Book 1 - DP Serie...by Kari
***Aka Faking It {Complete} {Book 1 in Dismantled Pride Series} --- "When I tell you that he hates me, you'll probably assume it's because he's a jerk...bu...
  • clean
  • ptsdawareness
  • humor
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La Vie en Rose (Min Yoongi x Reader) by Type-zer0
La Vie en Rose (Min Yoongi x Reade...by Zero
La Vie en Rose translates from French; meaning "Life in Pink". You grew up in a very wealthy family. You were happy; but it wasn't because of the material thin...
  • thisisbad
  • businessau
  • forbiddenlove
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Bound by Law (COMPLETED)  by bvtterflyeffect
Bound by Law (COMPLETED) by | l i z z i e |
Highest ranking: #9 Romance!!! (thanks so much to @theweekndlvr for always notifying me!) *** "Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placin...
  • generalfiction
  • romance
  • desi
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Her Adopted Baby's Daddy by JaneLanett
Her Adopted Baby's Daddyby Jane Lanett
Jules Jenna hates the fact that she's trying to hide herself in her work to avoid grieving her parents' death. She needed someone in her life and she wasn't good with re...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • baby
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Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of the Tantalizing Love Series] by Squidtcyc
Sweet Temptation (B×B) [Book 3 of...by Squidtcyc
"Sorry, Sir! I'm really sorry!" The small figure apologised repeatedly as he stood frozen in his spot. "It's alright. Are you okay?" I stared down in...
  • gayromance
  • billionaire
  • nickbateman
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Regret The Rejection by chrislovedale
Regret The Rejectionby christine
"She turned her pain into power, her visions into victory." "Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyone's bullshit." A girl who...
  • soulmateseries
  • romance
  • youngadultreads
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Badass Rejected (wattys 2016) by wolfandphoenix
Badass Rejected (wattys 2016)by Wolf and Phoenix
Sam was the lonely wallflower of her pack. She was the goodie two shoes that was as innocent as an angel, she never drank, smoked or anything upon that. But when she rea...
  • fight
  • hurt
  • motorbike
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The Billionaire's Awakening (Unedited Version) by MsDreamerGirl84
The Billionaire's Awakening (Unedi...by MsDreamerGirl84
| Sequel to Secret Love | Previously called "The Steadfast Love." "If you are here to give me hope yet again and then ditch me, I'm sorry to tell y...
  • ceo
  • friends
  • revenge
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Giving up on him #2014WattyWinner by StrangeByrds
Giving up on him #2014WattyWinnerby Princessalexrules
The day that was supposed to be the best day of my life... Had turned into the worst day that I had possibly ever had. It was supposed to be the day that I would tell h...
  • highschool
  • not-an-ordinary-love-story
  • drama
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Love at Last Sight by JordanLynde
Love at Last Sightby Jordan Lynde
“Rose, I’m sorry, but your eyesight will be gone by the end of this year.” Who knew one simple sentence could change a life so drastically? Rose is a normal seventeen ye...
  • friendship
  • humor
  • lies
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If only by cayleeeee
If onlyby cayleeeee
if only i could reverse the time. Things would have been different. I am Cole Richards. I am inlove with my bestfriend, Cayle Winters. Our story starts with a smile, but...
  • romance
  • shortstory
  • highschool
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Spirit of the Mines (Fem!Reader x Ghost!Cragsters Max) by Princess-Josie-Riki
Spirit of the Mines (Fem!Reader x...by Princess-Josie-Riki
A Mixels AU fanfiction. There were some rumors that a rock monster ghost haunts the mines. Only one question remains: Why is this ghost still here? Fem!Reader x Ghost!Cr...
  • tragedy
  • cartoon
  • mixels
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War Torn by ExplicitJinn848
War Tornby ExplicitJinn848
In a medieval country side we find our main protagonist caught in the middle of massive war that has turned his world in two. Once the kings army starts to dwindle, desp...
  • tragedy
  • midevil
  • midieval
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The Only Way To Live [#ChickLit] by Kandie_Ly
The Only Way To Live [#ChickLit]by Kandie_Ly
"I am cruel so I can live, I kill so I can survive. I am not heartless, I am not cruel because I want to, I don't kill because it pleases me, I do it so I can live...
  • prince
  • romance
  • birthright
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Silent Killer by Jyiscool
Silent Killerby Jyiscool
A story about an Japanese born Australian boy who faces a mystery only he can solve. Death shall decide his fate...
  • action
  • tragedy
  • mystery
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Yandere Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenario by The_Dark_Mist
Yandere Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scena...by Sasha Hayes
||❝ Don't escape me, you're just wasting your time, because I will follow you wherever you go, even if that place is the deepest depth of hell. ❞|| 。。。First...
  • random
  • yanderemale
  • yanderexreader
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Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman   by swordfishee
Space and Rebirth: The Favored Gen...by swordfishee
this story is not mine!!!..credit to the author and translators. Translator: Foreverhungry Editor: Cosmic Proofreader: - mehtranslations. wordpress. com Description In h...
  • rebirth
  • chinesenovel
  • handsomemalelead
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A Billion Dollar Mistake by ChocolateLoverQueen
A Billion Dollar Mistakeby ChocolateLoverQueen
Yasmin is a 17 years old muslim girl who has for only family her father and little brother. She will do everything to please her father. But what if the only thing he wa...
  • spiritual
  • billionaire
  • forcedmarriage
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Your Love Is My Weapon by TwinziHasan
Your Love Is My Weaponby Rua Hasan
Your Love Is My Weapon Valentina Hunter is known across the country for taking down dangerous mafia groups all on her own. But one day, when she kills the leader of the...
  • romance
  • guns
  • tragedy
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