Stupid things I did for love by Phaealf
Stupid things I did for loveby Phaealf
This was for the person who not once noticed me for three years. :)
  • tragedy
  • humor
  • love
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Ghost Rule by MidnightBlueRedRose
Ghost Ruleby MidnightBlueRedRose
*PS. This absolutely stunning cover was made by HalloweenBox, all the credit goes to her* Ashley Knight, a man of sophistication and business finds himself ensnared in...
  • supernatural
  • house
  • romance
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On the hunt by P54294GoezTooney
On the huntby p54294 Aj
A tragic story about a creator named skittle, will she relive the past? Or conquer the future...?
  • tragedy
Please Try To Remember Me, My Love by doyeon_ch
Please Try To Remember Me, My Loveby Choi Do Yeon
Choi Kyung Ree, is a top fashion designer that is engaged with Kang Yi Han, the eldest son of Taepgyu Group. But things started to be unfortunate when Kang Yi Han was as...
  • fiction
  • melodrama
  • romance
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A Man's Last Entry by shadowmirge
A Man's Last Entryby ShadowMirge
You were out of my league, but I did not back off. You were my muse, my inspiration, my everything. You complete me, that I know since the first time I laid my eyes on y...
  • depression
  • marriage
  • angst
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Coming to an End by Silverstone345
Coming to an Endby Silverstone345
"If that was all that meets the eye, why are we standing here today?" Unbeknownst to Ophelia, her happy days will soon come to an end as she discovers the dark...
  • hallucinations
  • sci-fi
  • dystopia
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Fidelity by mxddlefinger
Fidelityby [knife emoji]
A married pair who meet at a hotel decide to spend a night together while their partners are away. CHARACTERS: Huxley ♂: A taller man, with tinted reddish brown hair...
  • play
  • romance
  • tragedy
Excelso Trivial: the guidelines of a martyrdom [EN] by gabrielphilippe
Excelso Trivial: the guidelines Gabriel M. Philippe
Celestina hangs like a concubine disarming the terror. Ewnhze, a supporting harlot, cares for the man she could no longer afford. The men of the camp perished, for Awlza...
  • true
  • love
  • digrace
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The long pitched tone by hallomyfren15
The long pitched toneby hallomyfren15
Why do I have to be special? I never asked to be this way? I just want to have a family and people to depend on, is that too much to ask for or am I in life's bad books.
  • relationship
  • love
  • fantasy
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Such a Witch  by glisteningghost
Such a Witch by glisteningghost
Solstice never had a normal life. She was rejected, ignored and shunned by everything she thought she knew. That all changes once she finds a family that would appreciat...
  • satan
  • tragedy
  • teen
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The Night of the Tragedy by GraceNicosin0623
The Night of the Tragedyby grace nicosin
He tells me this story that is meant to make me laugh, but for some weird reason I don't laugh. A couple seconds later I hear someone scream and something fall on the fl...
  • halloween
  • tragedy
  • fire
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Tristan and Dean become enemies during the dance at Rory's school. Just when Rory Gilmore thinks she has nothing to worry about......tragedy strikes someone she loves de...
  • ghost
  • girls
  • gilmore
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Frostpunk New London by sector333
Frostpunk New Londonby sector333
This is a fanfiction. WORK IN PROGRESS. The year is 1903 16 years after the great storm. hope has died, faith has died. all that remains is obedience. This story explore...
  • horror
  • victorian
  • tragedy
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Bound by Oof! ~A Roblox love Story~ by Samster360
Bound by Oof! ~A Roblox love Story~by Same
Two obnoxious seven year olds, find love within the game of Roblox. But their love is tested through tragedy, loyalty, and of course...Oof. Apologies to anyone off...
  • depression
  • oders
  • bacon
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 All of The Stars  by FemmeFatale18
All of The Stars by K Y L I E T R A
"There have been a thousand stories about love. There had been so many stories unheard, unknown and sometimes we have no power to change it. Well, I never got that...
  • starcrossed
  • nonfiction
  • originalshipping
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Saved by a Bad Boy! by emmaxxquinn2001
Saved by a Bad Boy!by emmaxxquinn2001
Danielle Stark is a damaged 17 year old girl who's problems aren't as simple as cheer leading practise and final exams. Her abusive mother and controlling boyfriend push...
  • saved
  • hate
  • bipolar
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A friendship that shouldn't have ended(4 parts) by NaoTomori00
A friendship that shouldn't have NaoTomori00
This is the story on how you can feel so alone in the world but there is always that one person to wash away Your sorrows.
  • drama
  • dreams
  • tragedy
A Nightmare So Beautiful [ONGOING] by maranarra
A Nightmare So Beautiful [ONGOING]by Bb. Maria Ligaya
What if one day you dreamed about an almost perfect life, no fear, no sorrows, no pain, no sadness, just a life filled with happines? Would you choose to wake up and fac...
  • highschool
  • friends
  • romance
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The Summer of Us by paddieisdaddie
The Summer of Usby paddieisdaddie
The moon split in half and the stars crumbled, falling like fireworks into the sea. I watched my world fall apart the day my love left me.
  • angst
  • romance
  • tragedy
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