Chapter 1

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Loving the Abduction

Chapter 1

Cameras started flashing and many questions were thrown. I smiled and avoided their gazes.

My husband had his arm around me.

"Governor, you're opening a new operation work hold for the prisoners to work in?"

A reporter asked who was looking at my husband, he nodded his head. "Yes I am.

I feel that the prisoners would have much more opportunities and a much bigger environment to work in."

My husband said while nodding to his self, I just smiled and look at my husband playing the perfect wife role right.

I had to show the world that I was capable of being the governor's wife.

He was done answering the reporter questions and we walked away from the press.

"You handle that well honey." I said smiling at him, he looked down at me and gave me a smile. My heart skipped beat, my husband was a powerful man and I was lucky to have him.

Coming from the type of background I had, I was lucky to have met him. He knows where I would be if I hadn't.

"Thank you Honey." We started walking towards the cars and I noticed that his body guards where around us. Watching if anything was going to happen. I heard cameras flashing; we were an admiration to a lot of couples, I look at my husband glowing chocolate skin. He smiled at the camera; I never once paid attention to the cameras while I and my husband depart. I never gave them the attention I gave my husband; I only had eyes for him. My eyes were always on him, but his eyes... they were on the camera. I shook my head; I shouldn't be thinking these silly thoughts.

We got close to our Limo and got in; my husband sat across from me and grabbed his laptop. He opened it in started typing; I didn't dare to bother him. I got my laptop and opened it too. "Honey do you want me to drop you off at the prison or the hospital?" I heard my husband asked me. "The prison; my car is in the prison parking lot."

I said opening an important file on my computer.

He presses the intercom and told Dave the driver where to go.

I sat there, reading the important info I had on my laptop.

I assume that I was really into the information I was reading because the Limo suddenly came parked. "We're here Sir, Ma'm" I nodded my head and closed my laptop. I looked up to find my husband still typing. "Good bye honey, I'll see you later." I said before getting out. He probably didn't even hear me. The passenger window went down and Dave waved at me good bye and smiled and drove away. I watch as the limo drove away and smiled. "Thanks Dave for telling me good bye." I walked towards my car with laptop in my hand and purse on my arm. "I need to go to the hospital, and then come back to the Prison to make sure the prisoners get the medication they need."

I opened my car door and got in; I put my laptop and purse on my passenger seat and put the key in the engine. I felt something hard press against my head.

"If you scream, I'll shoot."

*Kassandra speaks*



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