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CH.17 You have scars too?


Honestly, her noises are the sexiest noises I've ever heard. I wanted to lock her in a room and cherish them, keeping them only to myself.

I trailed kisses down her body, I analyzed her body. Staring at it. each feature, I notice she had a birthmark around her rib cage and three beauty marks on her upper right thigh.

I stared at her body remembering things that seem simple to others but important to me because I was seeing these things with my eyes.

I am going to remember and learn everything about her body, what pleases her and makes her squirm. She deserves to be praised.

When you know you found a keeper, you do everything to keep her and I am willing to do that. To do everything for her.

I brought my face next to her sweet spot, smiling at the nice scent it gave.

Letting me know that she was wet for me, that she was wet and ready.

I took off her panties, smiling at how wet it was already.

She had no idea what I was about to do to her, I was about to make her scream her lungs out and make hardcore love to her as if her as if her fuck upbeat ass ex-husband was in the room next door.

I leaned my head in and my mouth was instantly watering from the scent of her. I slid out my tongue and licked her right where the juices were coming out.

She let out a strong moan and I continued licking her and nibbling on her clit. Her hands were moving around trying to grasp something when eventually they found their self-grasping on my hair which I didn't.

Go ahead and pull, I wouldn't care if I became bald knowing you were the cause.

I stick my tongue deep inside and the noises that were coming from her mouth had me going crazy, my heart leaped when I felt her squirting against my mouth, as the juices were trying to push my tongue out but I wouldn't let it.

I took my tongue out and lick every wetness that was being dropped for me, I nibbled on her clit more.

"Dean, baby, please..." She said

Hearing my name come out her mouth only drove me crazier as I begin sucking on her clit, I put one of my fingers inside of her and a smirk form in my mind when I heard her gasp as I fingered her. pushing my finger in and pulling out, noticing that her body was shaking.

I felt myself being pushed away, I wanted to chuckle realizing it her hands trying to push me away from her but they were shaking uncontrollably.

already let me know what was going to happen so I started licking her again while fingering her.

"Oh My God" she yelling cumming as I take all of her in my mouth.

she moved her hands and laid them on the bed, I pulled myself up and smiled at her.

"It's Dean, not God. Don't scream anyone else name but mine and also I'm not done with you." I said taking off my pants.

I look down at her making our eyes lock with each other.

"I'll never be done with you."


"I'll never be done with you." He said and I swear I could hear my heart beating.

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