Chapter 2 this can't be happening.

I Kimani Armstrong have a gun held to her head.

"Who are you? Why are you in my car and why the heck do you have a Gun held to my head?!"

I was scared every bit, but I wasn't going to let this person know I was, if I died today, I will die a brave woman cause there is no one that will see me at my weakest.

"Well well well, the Governor quiet wife who everyone compares to a mouse is feisty. Who would have ever thought? I suggest you drive." I felt my heart beat faster, was my heart telling me it's over?

"Drive where?..."

I heard him grunt behind me.

"Drive out the parking lot, when we get to the guards. I will lower my body and I swear if you give any signals that I'm with you. I'll shoot you and the guards." He said pressing the hard metal on my head.

I shivered; I nodded my head and started driving out the parking lot. I heard rustling behind me and I knew he was getting in a position where the guards in the front couldn't see him. I reach the security guard.

"Well Hello Mrs. Armstrong, how have you day been?" The security guard name Steve asked smiling at me.

"It's been a crazy day Steve, Chaotic and people doing things they shouldn't be doing. But hey justice will kick in sooner or later." I said smiling at Steve.

Of course Steve seem to not get the message, darn it he probably thought I was talking about the prisoners. I went to open my mouth again but I felt a Metal object hold against my thigh.

I stayed quiet. "I know what you mean, have a great day Mrs. Armstrong. Please persuade to the gate and drive safe. I would like to see you in no harm." He said smiling at me, I smiled at him back and drove while the gate opened and drove out the prison gates. I shook my head; driving safe is the last thing on my mind. I heard rustling and a body suddenly came and sat in the passenger seat pushing my laptop purse out the way. I continued to stay forward scared to look at the man who held a gun on my head still. "I'm going to put the gun down, if you do something stupid, I'll shoot you. I'm quick with my gun and very skilled." He said pulling the gun away from my head. I took a glance at him and my breath stuck in my throat. I quickly turned around from him.

I hated to think this but he was handsome. He had bright red hair and I knew from that moment he was an Irish decedent. His piercing blue eyes was the one that thing that my head turning away fast.

"Ah couldn't help yourself but to look at the person who held a gun to your head huh?"

He asked but I didn't answer him, I just kept driving.







After driving for 30 minutes. He told me to stop the car.

I was so relieve, I stopped car and he opened the passenger car door and I took a glance at him. He was a PRISONER! HE WAS AN ESCAPED PRISONER!

The bright orange prison uniform.

My eyes widen as I now noticed he was a prisoner, he could be a killer. I froze when he turned around and stared at me.

"Give me your keys." He said holding his hand towards me,

"Wh-what?" I asked him like he was insane. A part of me prayed that he was just going to let me drive him away from the prison and let me go. But deep inside I knew that wouldn't happen. "Give me your car keys. NOW!"  he yelled. I quickly grabbed my car keys away from the engine and gave it to him. He walked around the car and came towards my side,

"get out the car." He said, I looked up at him. "Why?" I asked confused why I had to get out the car.

"Get out the car" He said again with a tone and held his gun towards me.

I got out the car as quickly as anyone could ever get out the car.

"Alright Alright!" I said with my hands up in the air. "Ain't no one trying to get shot." My real self-came out and he stared at me with curiosity in his eyes, I shook the feeling away to why he would be surprised.

"Your voice sounded different..." he said looking at me.

"Well when a man has a gun pointing at me my true self comes out."

I said when an attitude.

"Walk." He said holding the gun to my back; I walked as he told me too. I knew he was going to kill me, I was going to die. I haven't even made a difference, I haven't even had kids. I just realized I haven't even live. This man was going to shoot me and throw me in the woods that were like right there next to the car and then no one will find me until someone ends up running into my dead body in the woods. This could be a criminal mind episode.

I heard the car beep and the trunk opened automatically. "Get in the trunk" he said and grabbed a bag out the trunk. Where the heck did that bag pack come from, it wasn't mind. Wait was it his back pack? Wait what he just told me.

"What?! I'm not getting in the trunk." I said staring at him like he lost his mind.

"Get in the trunk right now." He said raising the gun to my head.

I got in the trunk and lay down. He stared at me.

"Don't make any noises or scream. Mark my words. I will kill you if you bring any attention to us."

I felt tears fall out my eyes, he was going to close the trunk but he heard my whimpering.

"Don't... don't cry..." he said staring at me, he started to reach his hand towards me but I whimpered louder and moved my face away. I look back up and saw him staring at me.

"I'm sorry" he said before closing the trunk door and I was surrounded by darkness.

I laid there for 5 seconds then I felt the car moving. That's when it hit me, if he was going to kill me. Wouldn't he have done it by now?

I was being abducted...

God why is this happening to me!

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