CH. 43 Let's start

(Kimani POV)

We were all in the Kitchen, Natasha looked as if she didn't get any rest and when I turned to look at Damian. He looked the same, part of me wanted to question them that moment what happened. I decided not to but to ask Natasha in private instead.

Kevin came into the kitchen with Tommy, I'm sure we all knew what happened between those two but none of us voiced it.

Natasha looked at me and made eye contact. I nodded my head already knowing what she was suggesting which surprised me.

It was obvious that Natasha and I would get along extremely well.

"Kevin, we need to talk and Tommy you have something to do with this," I said.

Tommy's eyes widen, Kevin looked at me with a raised brow but turned to look at Tommy.

Natasha decided to speak.

"Listen, Kimani and I know you know about the grim reaper, we know he does things for people. He has done lots of things and Jeff Baez probably was connected to him, heck most likely. I'm sure everyone in this room knows what Jeff Baez has done to me, but it's fine. People knowing doesn't bother me, not stopping people who're apart of it bothers me and this so-called Grim reaper is either part of it or has a list of people that are. So what is it that you know about him?" Natasha asked.

"You know Tommy, we won't let anything to happen to you," I added in, just to ease down Natasha words.

Tommy looked at me and nodded her head. He turned to look at Natasha and a look crosses his face.

Natasha's eyes widen and so did mine.

"You and the grim reaper....." Natasha said.

"Were an item." I finished her words.

Kevin's eyes widen even more as if it was going to fall out of his eye socket at any moment.

"Yes. We were engaged." Tommy said quietly.

"Well, I'll be damn," Damian said in a low voice.

"Tommy....." Kevin said turning to Tommy.

"It's fine, honestly. I needed to tell you all of this anyway. Yes, the grim reaper and I were an item. It goes much more than that, his lifestyle, his ways and what he did was something I didn't know about I started dating him." Tommy said and I nodded my head, understanding exactly what he meant.

"He didn't show you what he didn't want to show you at that time. He shows people different sides." Natasha said getting a nod from Tommy.

"Yes, he did and I know that I don't want anything to do with him again. It took me forever to get away from him and I am still not away from him. He keeps tabs on me, but it was the first time I saw his tabs on me showing up in the bar. I'm sure he had it in why I got the job at the bar because no one wanted to hire me before. I mean who would? I was the man who left the Grim Reaper, one of the most feared man. So no one would want to be part of that, especially if they could lose their lives." Tommy said.

"I'm sure if he wanted to he would have locked me in the house again and never had me leave." He said in a soft voice, I noticed that Kimani flinched.

A lot of trigger warnings were definitely going to be needed for some of us, hopefully, I don't get any episodes either.

"You didn't know about him before?" Dean asked.

Tommy turned to look at him.

"I met him way before he made himself the Grim Reaper and I never knew he was the Grim Reaper. As crazy as it sounds. People are good at hiding themselves and if they don't want you to see something then you won't see it." Tommy said.

I nodded my head, understanding what he was saying and so did Natasha.

"He still wants you then..." Damian said, causing Tommy to nod his head.

"I'm trying to leave Brazil. I need to leave Brazil and I know he won't let me but I'm going to." Tommy said.

"Okay, so this is going to sound crazy to you Tommy and I apologize for bringing someone who you're trying to forget up. Believe me, I can understand how you're feeling when the thought of someone who was supposed to love you just makes your skin crawl, but do you know where we can find him?" Dean asks and Tommy's eyes widened.

"Why?" Tommy asked in an alarmed voice.

"Well, considering he does things for people or has done to people. It's a horrible thing that is still happening. So you could be part of the movement and help us, bringing someone you know that is a person down or you can just watch as he continued to help horrible people do horrible things. You decide." Dean said to Tommy causing Tommy eyes to widen.

The room was quiet.

All eyes were on Tommy.

"Trust me, I've been in your shoes witnessing things that have happened and I am also going to do something about it. We're all trying to do something about it. Why would we be scared to take down the bad guys? Why should we let them win? The world as it needs more good guys so why not take the position and be the good guys. Especially when we know that what we're doing is good. I just can't stand by and let more people suffer from pain any longer, when there is something that can be done about it." I said.

Tommy nodded his head.

"Okay, I'm in, but I hope you all know what we're getting ourselves into. We are going to enter a dangerous world." Tommy said.

Natasha shrugged her shoulders.

"I've seen Hell and I've lived in it so there's that," Natasha said and I let out a humorless laugh.

"Same here, We all have in this room. So there's nothing we won't be able to handle together." I said Tommy's eyes widen seeing the look on all our faces.

"Okay." He said.

I nodded my head.

"So tell us your story, Tommy."

(*Kassandra Speaks*)

Well things are getting interesting


-Kassandra Vivu

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