Chapter 12 I got you

Kimani POV

Honestly, my face was getting hotter and hotter.

Dean was getting to me.

His words had an effect on me. I honestly felt like a deer caught in the headlights. I wasn't ready for what he had to say but of course, I wasn't going to be like those woman who ran away from something that got really serious.

We both needed each other and heck we wanted each other too. I glance at Dean and let my gaze lower down his body.

He was honestly the hottest man I've ever seen and he looks like he didn't give a damn about his looks.

I actually felt his muscles when he fell asleep on me.... That wasn't the only thing I felt.

He was pack-

"You okay? you're awfully quiet." Dean asked me.

I wanted to tell him that I wanted to feel his biceps but of course, I didn't.

That would be crazy right?

"Just thinking," I said smiling, reassuring him that I was fine.

"May I ask about what?" he ask and I avoided his gaze.

Ugh, I should have said I was daydreaming instead.

"You're cute when your sleeping," I said and he gave me a smirk.

"Haha wow never thought I would hear something like that, thank you." He said and I nodded my head lowering my gaze.

"You're extremely smart and have a nice body," I said and he actually smiled.

My breath got caught in my throat.

This man was the full package.

"Have you look in the mirror. You're drop dead beautiful." He said and I look at him to see if he was just saying that to be nice but the look in his eyes tells me he wasn't.

"You think I'm beautiful?" I asked him and he gently kisses my cheek.

"No. I know you're beautiful, the universe and everything that is in it could never be compared to how beautiful you're." He said and my stomach felt weird and all knotty inside.

"I wish we met sooner," I said meaning it. I wish I met him sooner, I wish he was the one I married.

He looks like he understood what I was saying and nodded his head.

"You have me now, I'm not going anywhere." He said

I grabbed his hand and held it, intertwining our hands together

"Good cause I'm not letting you go," I said giving him a smile.

"So, how do you think your brother met this woman? the mother of his kid." I asked him.

changing the subject of the conversation before one of us goes completely wild from what the other one did.

"No idea, do you know?" he asked and I shook my head.

"He never mentions her to me, at least I don't think so," I said trying to think back to the conversations I had with his brother.


I entered the infirmary and saw him in there.

"You know I'm starting to think you get yourself in here on purpose," I said to him and I heard a chuckle.

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