CH.11 She Has Me Feeling Soft

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Chapter 11

She has me feeling soft.

(Dean POV)

I continued driving and I honestly couldn't believe what I just said.

What was she doing to me, I felt strange but not in a bad way.

I honestly never had any decent conversations with women, I never bothered.

I was telling her the truth when I said that most woman I encounter who knew about my business only saw money signs when they approach me. It's like they didn't bother knowing about me at all or even bother knowing.

For some reason I felt different around her, I didn't bother about not speaking my mind around her. It felt good to speak my mind, it felt good about not second thinking everything I say.

I hope she realized that everything I've said I meant each word.

"As soon as I find my brother I'm going to knock him out then hug him," I said which gets a laugh from her.

That laugh, I can never get tired hearing that laugh.

"Why is that?" She asked and I had a smirk on my face.

"My brother can be an idiot from time to time. he thinks he doesn't need help and honestly all he had to do was ask for help. Yeah, I would have given him shit at first but I still would have helped him. he's my brother." I said

"You know you and Kevin are similar but different from each other." She said and I noticed she was smiling.

"That makes no sense Goddess," I said giving her a smirk.

She smiled at me

"Sure it does, it's obvious you boys have some traits in common and can be different also.

"Ah I see," I said nodding my head.

"Yes. so how exactly are we getting to Brazil?" she asked me and I had a smirk on my face.

"By a private jet of course," I said which caused her to raise a brow

"How in the world? you know what? not even gonna bother asking. Surprise me." She said and I laughed.

"I got skills," I said.

She nodded her head and looked out the window.

I took that time to take some glances at her.

It confused me, though, why do people do that.

When they find someone good they try to ruin it by hurting that person who loves them

That's what people do, hurt people. But you have to know it's not all people. it's the weak-minded

people who do that. Who try to hurt people that truly care about them or take advantage of people.

You have to know that everyone is not the same, that they're people out there who are willing to love and cherish.

I wanted to tell her all of that, I wanted to look into her eyes and speak my heart out.

But could I really? could I really speak my mind and heart out like that?

I must admit a part of me was scared.

I was a type of person that didn't let anyone in, I was a person that didn't open myself to anyone.

She's already seen me in one of my weak moments. I wasn't ready for that.

I didn't mind that she did, see me in a weak moment. I was okay with it.

It felt good to have her there, helping me during that moment. she felt good when she was holding me. I can get used to that.

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