CH. 23 Run, Run as fast as you can

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Ch. 23 Run, Run as fast as you can.

(Kimani POV)

I ran into the house and went into the bedroom, knowing that Dean was running right behind me.

I found myself laughing at him trying to catch up. I knew for sure that if Dean wanted to catch me sooner.

He would have, there was no way I could outrun but I loved that he was making it seem like I was.

Honestly, I don't know what came over me but I found myself being Goofy.

Dean just had me feeling a certain way and I must admit I love the feeling I get from him.

Certain people bring different personalities out of you and it's good to have someone who brings the best out of you.

I deserved the best and nothing less, I refuse to bring myself down like I use too.

I made it into the bedroom and was going to close the door but as soon as I turned around to close the door.

Dean was right behind me with a smirk on his face, before I knew it I was being lifted up and carried to the bed.

I let out a giggle.

"I surrender, I surrender. You win." I said and he gently laid me on my back, on the bed making eye contact with me.

"I know I've won." He said looking at me softly and I don't know why, but I knew he wasn't talking about him winning our little game 'catch me if you can'.

He kissed my nose and I smiled at him.

"You know you're beautiful," he said to me and I felt my heart beating extremely fast.

It wasn't the first time Dean has called me beautiful, but my heart beat like it was the first time I was being called beautiful. like I was a baby who just heard her mothers voice from the womb for the very first time.

"You're mine, you know that right?" He said instantly kissing me right after I started saying the words "Yes."

My words were swallowed by his mouth and I wrapped my arms around him knowing this was someone I never wanted to let go.

This was something I wanted to keep forever and would never share with another soul.

This was a thrill that I could get used to having. One thing that I was learning while being with Dean is that I was going to enjoy this relationship. I was going to enjoy the feeling that I was feeling, I was going to go with the flow that we were in.

He trailed his kisses down my neck, I let out a soft gasp. Knowing that his lips will be the only lips that only touch this spot.

"Can I have you?" He said and I stared down at him as he was trailing the kisses lower, reaching my stomach.

"You already do," I said to him.

He moved his head so he can make direct eye contact with me.

"I am so amazed when it comes to you, you're an extraordinary Woman. Not because of your looks, that's just a bonus. it's just the fact that everything I ever wanted is right in front of me, it's right inside of you. that you're what I want. I know the amount of time we've known each is not long of course. believe me, I know and I know how we met isn't the most ideal. but when you know you've come across something good, you know. you do everything possible to keep that and you also will do anything to never lose that." He said and my eyes widen.

a matter fact I was taken off guard, this wasn't something I was used to. It's change of habit and I hated how this probably will take me a while to get used to especially how Dean makes me feel like this is something I should already be used to.

But sadly I wasn't, I wasn't those type of people who were going to take advantage of that either.

I wanted him to know he means something to me, he is very important to me.

"You're extremely sweet you know that?" I said and I sat up bringing both of my hands to his face bringing him back for a kiss.

I kissed him like I wanted him to know how much I care about him, the kissing wouldn't be enough. I flipped our position around and had him laying on the bed with me sitting on him.

I pushed him down gently with one hand while I was still kissing him.

I started kissing his face, kissing his nose, his eyelids, I brought the kisses down to his neck, kissing it softly and sucking on his neck. the part where his ear and neck connect.

He let out a groan, just his noise had my body heating up.

I lick the spot I just sucked and I felt his hand wrapped around my waist.

I brought my hands to his hands, moving them off my waist and placing them above his head.

His eyes widen as if he was taken off guard to what I did but I gave him a soft smile.

"It's my turn to touch you," I said, moving his shirt off of him. I threw the shirt on the floor and started kissing his chest.

"such soft skin you have," I said between each kiss I left down his body.

I started kissing even lower, knowing well where my next destination was going.

I reach his pant, unbuttoning his pant and not even letting help me take it off. I wanted to take it off by myself.

I pulled off his pant and also threw it on the floor, having him with just his boxers on.

"That's exactly how I want you, exactly like that," I said.

kissing his stomach on.

"Tell me you want me," I said to him.

I look up and found him staring at me with a look I couldn't explain.

It was like he was in a daze, he stared at me as if I wasn't something so expensive that he finally got to received and that it was a lot of hard work and effort put in.

"I'm always going to want you." He said and I let out a soft laugh.

"Then, let me not disappoint you," I said.

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