CHAPTER 4 for better or worse


I looked at the man like he was the craziest person I ever met; he's asking me to help him find his brother. Wait how he knows his brother alive anyways. No one is supposed to know that his brother is alive, not even him.

"I can't help you find your brother, you mind as well kill me right now, because I made a promise to never let anyone know his whereabouts. I know you're his brother but if you find him, then that will give a trace for more people to find him and we can't have that now can we?"

I said staring into his eyes, I realized he got angry and I didn't move.

"You're going to help me find him."

I noticed that I shouldn't get this man angry.

"Listen, if he didn't contact you his self. That means he doesn't want you to know he's alive okay. Why do you want to find him anyways, be-side him being your brother?"

He looked at me up and down giving me a smirk; I was confused why he was smirking at me.

"Your loyalty is very deep." He said backing away from me. I didn't move from my position, I made a promise to that man. I owe him my life, he saved me.

"For him, yes. Yes it is. If he hasn't contact you then I will not help you find him."

I said staring at him and walking away from where I was standing.

"He did contact me."

I turned around and walk towards him.

"He did? Is he okay? Wait how did he contact you?"

I asked him, he looked at me and gave me a smirk. He turned around and walked towards the bag that he got out the trunk and went through it. I didn't bother looking at what was in the bag. He took out a letter and opens it to read to me.

"Dean it's me... Your little Keke. I'm sorry I made you go through this, but I am not dead. I am alive and we need to meet up. I couldn't come to you because they're people watching you. They think you know the story of why I was in prison and wanted to see if you would give them any lead to kill you. I want you to find Doctor Kimani, she will help you. I also think she is in danger, Dean. I want you to protect her; she has the same enemies as us. No she has more enemies then us, some she doesn't know of. Don't let her out your sight. And if you were to read this to her. Kimani you're no longer a caterpillar but a Butterfly."

He finished reading the letter staring at me and I held my hand to my chest.

"He made it, it is him! God he did contact you. He really made it. Oh thank God." I said smiling.

"I'm assuming that was a code for you guys? The whole caterpillar and butterfly thing."

I nodded my head.

"Yes he said he will contact me one day and to look for that code. If you didn't tell me it, I would have doubt he contacted you, we're the only two who know this code, well now the three of us."

I said walking towards the table and taking a seat on the chair.

"Well I didn't lie, he's my brother for God's sake, I would never harm him, what kind of family harms each other?" He said shaking his head at the thought of going against his brother.

"You'll be surprised." I whispered I suddenly realized what I said and stood up.

"So we find him and then what? What is it you're not telling me?" I asked him.

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