CH. 19 this was the man I was married to

(Kimani POV)

I stared at Dean as he was talking to the man name Gui Lee, it was obvious that Jacob was going to try to clean his aftermath up. So the best thing in his mind right now would be to get rid of Gui Lee, why? because he hired him to find information out on me and Gui Lee just called him out on not being an image of a widowed husband who was in shock of his wife's death.

"Follow my instructions I just pulled up the blueprint of the building and you need to follow my directions so I can get you out of there, safe. After all, I want you on my side and I need someone who also wants to take Jacob down." Dean said.

Dean put the guy on speaker and the guy voice came out loud and clear.

"Who exactly are you, for me to be putting my trust in someone, heck someone who I'm not sure isn't actually working for Jacob." He said and Dean groaned which was obviously heard to Gui Lee side of the phone.

"Here's a little information, the guy that Jacob Armstrong set up for a crime he didn't commit, is my brother. You were working on my brother case. Sounds good enough for you, now take a left, there some guards coming the other way." Dean said and Gui Lee followed his directions.

I sat closer to Dean and stared at his monitor to see what he was seeing.

"Take a right, there's going to be a vent on the right. I want you to go in the vent, also make sure you close it back up." Dean said and Gui Lee hesitated but followed his directions.

"I'm not sure I can fit in that vent." Gui Lee said and Dean stared at me as I stared at the vent Gui Lee was going to have to try to get his self into and my eyes widen.

Heck the only person I would assume that could fit in that vent is a child from what I can see, but who knows I heard that many people are able

to do many things when it comes to fear.

"Well, you won't know until you try now won't you, so Get in Mr. Lee," Dean said and my eyes widen as I saw Gui Lee getting into the vent and shutting it behind him like Dean said.

"See, you fit. Okay keep going straight then you're going to turn left." Dean said and my mouth dropped at the grunting sounds Lee was making.

"That has to be completely uncomfortable," I said and Gui Lee spoke.

"To whoever said that it is. I feel like I'm coming out of my mom's Vagina all over again, this time. I'll still be old, not getting any younger, okay man I took your left. Where to now?" He asked and Dean told him to take a right.

"When you get out, you'll be able to make it to your car and I'll give you a location for a place where you can lay low, if I wasn't out of the country I would have met up with you but of course I have things to take care of," Dean said grabbing my hand and bringing it up to his mouth leaving a kiss on it.

I stared at him and wonder how he could change moods from a complete genius who was going to bring down an evil empire to a gentleman in the next minute.

That feeling was something that I knew that I wasn't used to at all, coming from the relationship that I just came from with Jacob.

It was like, I was just for show when it came with Jacob. I never knew the true meaning of trophy wife until I married Jacob, not once had he actually treated me like a wife now I officially know why considering the outcome of my situation right now.

My mind went back to what was happening in front of me, the man that Jacob tried to get rid of knew something about Kevin, Deans brother. I knew that Jeff had something to do with what happened with Kevin but I never knew how much he actually had to do with. Every second I learned about the man I was married to the crueler he gets. What else is going to come out about him? I now know that Jacob is hiding things in his life, he has a chest full of secrets and they're going to come out pretty soon I can actually feel it.

I needed to stop thinking about Jacob but I feel like much more is coming, it was like a storm was going to hit and I didn't know if I was ready physically or emotionally for this summer. I honestly hope I was, I am hoping that I am strong enough for this storm also.

I shook the thoughts away from my head again knowing that I actually needed to stay focus on what was going on. The moment my attention came through I noticed that Gui Lee was already in his car, out speeding Jacob men and heading towards the location that Dean was telling him to go too.

"You're sure I will be safe at this location? I'm taking a huge risk right now by going towards this location." Gui Lee said and I agreed with him after all, Dean was just a voice to him, he didn't know if he could trust Dean at all and he didn't know what was going to an outcome of what was happening. It didn't take a genius to see that Gui Lee was scared of what could happen to him.

Important questions pop into my mind finally with all of this happening, these are questions we should have asked him first of all.

"Do you have any family, like children or a significant other that we should also get information to, Jacob might know about them and send people after them so if you have family, close members of family you might want to get a word out to them also or we can get a word out to you," I said and Dean turned to stare at me and slowly nodding.

When you have a family, knowing that you're in trouble, you should always make sure that your family is safe and can not be reached or hurt by the people that you're in trouble with. Sadly people around me learned that the hard way.

"I have a daughter, my sister watches her for me while I'm at work. She's only eight years old. You wouldn't think." He started saying but I cut him off.

"If Jacob could try to get rid of me and I was married to him, there's no saying what he could do to someone he wants to bring down family," I said.

Silence fell through the phone.

"You're his wife.... I thought you died..." He said and I nodded my head.

"That's because I am dead, let's keep it that way now shall we," I said.

Jacob needs to be brought down, I never knew that this man was truly like this.

"Dean, we need to bring Jacob down. We also need to find your brother and we can use Gui Lee mind to help us figure out where Kevin is. Every single detail will be needed, no matter how small it seems. Even the smallest things can be the most important. To bring a corrupt empire down we need as much information we can get. Also, Dean, we should reach out to Gui Lee sister and have her meet up with Gui Lee where ever he is going." I said and Dean's eyes widen as he stared at me.

"Damn Beautiful, that was hot. You should be bossy like this more often a matter of fact let me let you be more in charge?" Dean said laughing and I rolled my eyes.

"Gui Lee, what's your sister contact information?" I asked him and sat next to Dean.

"It's time to play the cat and mouse game with Jacob, it's time to bring this man down once for all. He was going to get hit by the strongest storm he'll ever see and he hasn't seen anything yet. if he thinks, well he's wrong. " I said

(*Kassandra Speaks*)

Well, Well, Well it looks like Kimani has had enough with what Jacob is doing and she is sick and tired of it.

I mean can you blame her? Her life is turning and turning. You know that feeling when unexpected things happen and you just don't know how in the world things like that could happen, the feeling it leaves you when the world you knew is no longer the world you know. My characters reflect my life, my story and the things I've gone through. I shape them into mini pieces of me and I hope you enjoy each of my books that you have read. Until the next update give this chapter a Vote, Comment and Follow my page for more updates from me. Thank you Dolls


-Kassandra Vivu

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