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CH. 18 You're Everything


I woke up, feeling the sun hitting my head. It was morning already but I didn't want to wake up. I just had the second best sleep I ever felt in my whole entire life. The first time was when we both fell asleep together. but this time we both experience something.

I didn't know if other men felt that but I felt this, I didn't have sex with her. I made Love to her.

I moved my head up and stared down at her, I knew she felt my scars yesterday and I was extremely grateful she didn't ask about it.

One of her eyes opened and she took a sneak peek at me. I let out a laugh.

"Good Morning Beautiful," I said with my deep morning voice.

She opened both eyes and stared at me.

in the softest voice that instantly got me hard, she replied. "Your morning voice is the sexiest voice I've ever heard." She said smiling.

I flip my body and held her on top of me.

She gasps because I knew she already knew I was hard this morning.

I stared up at her and smiled.

"Really because I think your voice, your smile, everything about you is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," I said to her.

"Oh yeah?" she said and started moving her hips back and forth.

I groaned at the pleasure it was bringing me. I held onto her hips as she continued to ride me.

"Yeah, baby," I said as she moaned while riding me.

God, she is so beautiful.

I admire the way her breast look jumping up as she moved her hips and bounce on top of me.

My hand found its way towards one and she held her hand against it. My eyes rolled back as the feeling over took me,

"You feel so good." She said rotating her hips on top of me.

"This is not what I was expecting to get in the morning but I wouldn't mind getting this every morning." she said smirking.

I laughed and flipped her back on her back. Then let me give The Queen what she wants and deserves.

(Two hours later)

After a session of our love making, we were in the Kitchen eating breakfast.

"Ok so what's our plan for right now?" she asked me.

"I heard about someone who has supposedly seen him so we'll have to check with that person, I want to be sure that it was my brother this suppose person had actually seen," I said placing a piece of pancake in her mouth.

"Let's do this, we're a team after all." She said and I nodded my head. "You're everything," I said and she gave me a smile.

"Only with you." She said getting up and kissing my lips. She grabbed the breakfast plates. "Finish your research." She said walking away from me.

I stared at her and my eyes lowered to her ass, damn she has a nice ass.

She quickly turned around. "You said that out loud." She said and laughed.

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