Ch. 27 I'm going to help

(Kimani POV)

My mind was in a storm, I was thinking about many things at once and I was debating on how that was possible. How was it possible that my mind was working out different processes and the scenarios all at once. How was that my mind was forming different conclusions. I was thinking of a plan and damn well I was going to help.  I was facing Dean, I knew his eyes were on me but I was deep in thoughts. When I was with my ex-husband he always made me feel so cramp, like my thoughts, my input, and my voice was nothing, it didn't matter how I view things because I wasn't meant to view or have an opinion about something to him.

I know most people would have left, but if many people were just like me, grew up just like me and had the opportunity to change that. I'm sure they would have taken it. I wanted that man to love me, as much as I had a love for him but when I tried to show him or give it to him, he pushed it away. Part of me always wondered, did I really love him? or was it just an illusion because of what he has taken me from.

Sometimes when you find yourself in a situation and someone comes, takes you away from that situation giving you a whole other chance at living another life and being a different person.

You start to feel like, you should give that person everything because you felt saved. You start to form a love for them. Which is what I did for my ex-husband, I was grateful and I wanted to show that I was grateful. He reminded me every day though, that I should be grateful, that I am here because of him.

I looked at Dean, he for some reason must have gotten up and retrieved his laptop because he was on it and typing away.

Dean never brought that over my head, for the short period of time that I had come to know him. Maybe I could come to-

My eyes widen to where my mind was heading towards.

I shook my head, focus girl. There are serious things that are going on here.

Think about a plan.

Okay, treating Kevin and Damian from time to time lead me into joining in there conversations. I knew Damian was smart with computers exactly like Dean.

Damian did mention something to me one day, about how I should be safe around that husband of mine.

How is when you're thinking about things you instantly remember things that have happened but they don't come to your mind at the beginning.

I could remember that Damian and Kevin were telling me how I should stay safe and if I was in danger there was a way I could get in contact with him when he got out.

I didn't think that I would have been in danger, I didn't think that my husband at that time would put me in danger but look how that turned out to be,  it was nice to know that some inmates had a trust in me and were willing to protect me, I didn't really think into it that much.

I thought about what they should be and how to get in contact with Damian.

Memories flashed through my mind, of the day that Kevin and Damian ended up back in the Prison Medical room.

I didn't want them going back out because I knew they were just going to get in more trouble and I knew the trouble wasn't caused by them so I guess it was a way of me protecting them by letting them hang in the prison medical room all day.

Damian had also taken the time to teach the ways to get in contact with him.

"Ugh" I slammed my hand on my head, for just remembering all of this but could have really blamed myself especially with everything that has been going on.

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