Chapter 41: Tamaki's unwitting Depression! Emi Hwaiting!

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Haruhi's pov

I stood there in shock seeing Kasanoda standing there, I was in the middle of changing. Kasanoda then turns to run away apologizing profusely but is stopped by the twins. "You peeping tom." The twins stared at Kasanoda with such malice, "No, no, no. I didn't mean to." Kasanoda quickly denied, as he backed away. "Your denial of perversion sounds like a guilty conscious speaking." Honey spoke in all seriousness, "I would want to be you right now. When Emi learns of this, he'll break all hell loose." Annabelle stated making me sigh, but she wasn't wrong. Mori-senpai said something to Honey-senpai, who happily went into the kitchen and I turned my attention back to the others.

"So Fujioka is a girl?" Kasanoda asked and everyone stopped. "I called Emi. She is on her way now." Yori accidentally let it slip that Emi was a girl, making me glare at him. "Wait... Both Fujioka's are girls?!" Kasanoda shouted out of shock. "I say we should give him amnesia. Maybe then he'll forget what ever happens here." The twins decided, as Hikaru pulled out a bat.

"Guys." Yori spoke up as he pointed to an angry Emi standing in front of the door, with Annabelle standing behind her. "That's enough you two. Leave assault and battery to the professionals." Kyoya-senpai spoke up and gave him a ruthless smile of intimidation. Emi was still glaring daggers at Kasanoda, who was a bit pale from her intense stare. "Will you guys knock it off? I'm sorry about them Kasanoda." I turned to him and then shifted my eyes to Tamaki-senpai, who was rapidly regressing.

"Now that you now both of the Fujioka's are girls, are you in love?" Hikaru questioned him and I sighed. Lord, this poor boy.

"I suggest you not answer that, Kasanoda." Emi walked over without the intense glare but the vibes radiating off her wasn't really giving a good feeling either. Honey-senpai, who had come out of the kitchen with Mori-senpai following behind him spotted Emi walking over to me.

"Emi, I didn't know you were coming. I heard you didn't come to school today." Emi stopped walking, hearing Honey-senpai's voice and turned to look at him.

All that could be seen in her eyes was pain and heartbreak, I didn't like this one bit. I wanted to find something that could ease her pain and I knew it would take a while for her to get over Honey-senpai, Hikaru and Kaoru stared in awe as Tamaki-senpai snapped out of his shock when he saw the look on Emi's face. "Come on, Haruhi. Emi came to take you home, didn't she?" Tamaki-senpai grabbed my arm and took Emi's hand before dragging us out of the club room. We went home even though, I was still confused as to why Tamaki-senpai had dragged us out of the room.

The next day....

Emi sat beside Tamaki-senpai barely saying anything as club went on. As I watched her, I heard a voice to my right and turned my head to see Kasanoda standing there. "Oh hey, Kasanoda. What are you doing here?" I gave him a small smile making him blush and sit down. I started to talk with him but he could barely say anything, I didn't pay to much attention to what was going on behind us but I did hear Renge. All the girls in the club room started swooning as I served Kasanoda tea, which I didn't realize made Emi a little jealous. Tamaki-senpai suddenly comes out of nowhere and sits between Kasanoda and I, while we were talking. So I moved him to the side and gave him some puzzle pieces to solve as I continued talking with Kasanoda. I heard the twins say something in the background followed by a smack which came from none other than Emi, herself. This sent Tamaki over the edge as he stood up and pointed to Kasanoda. "I'm her father and I forbid you from seeing her!" I sighed as I realized Tamaki-senpai was calling me his daughter again. "Wait, a minute? Are you really here father or are you just saying that you are her father?" Kasanoda questioned Tamaki-senpai, who froze. "You're not her father, though." This made Tamaki-senpai walk away and I sighed as Emi stood up leaving Annabelle's side.

Tamaki-senpai walks to the other side of the room and falls to the floor making me sigh as Emi took a spot next to me. "Emi, don't you have customers to entertain?" She shook her head and pointed to the group of girls surrounding Honey-senpai and Akihiko. "So Emi, I didn't realize that you and Haruhi are related." Kasanoda stammered a bit, "Yeah, Haruhi is the best brother ever." She gave me a side hug and I turned my attention to Tamaki-senpai. "You know even though Tamaki isn't really my father, he sure acts just like him." I said, "Yeah, that's true. Sometimes, I even think they are the same person." Emi nodded and this seemed to cheer Tamaki back up. "Is alright if I come visit you and Emi from time to time?" I smiled at him, "I think it would be great to be better acquainted." The girls all around us start crying, telling Kasanoda that they would be his friend. While Renge bids adieu and then leaves.

Later on.....

We were all playing Kick the can in the Ouran yard with Kasanoda, I was suddenly pulled away by Tamaki-senpai. "Tamaki-senpai wait!" I was dragged under a small gazebo but instead of it just be us, Kyoya and the twins ended up huddled with us under the gazebo. I didn't see Emi so I assumed that Yori and Akihiko had dragged her somewhere else. "Haruhi belongs to me." I sighed making a coy face as I shifted my eyes away from him. "I don't belong to anybody."

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