Chapter 16: Finding Emi!!!

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Hikaru's pov

While I sat with haruhi apologizing for leaving her alone, I got a call. Haruhi took the headphones off and I answered it. "Tamaki, what's wrong?" I asked, putting the phone on speaker. "It's about Emi, she's somewhere out in the rain by herself. She has the same fear as Haruhi." He explained, and Haruhi nodded in agreement. "Wait, where did she go?" I asked him, "She went to go find Haruhi after you disappeared." Misuzu said.

"Oh no, come on! We gotta find her." Haruhi pulled me with her, as we headed out the door of the church.


Emi was in a small cottage crying and shaking, the thunder roared and the lightining flashed causing her to scream. The cottage was made of wood and it collapsed on top of her, so she got up. Thunder sounded again and Emi started shaking, both cold from the freezing rain and the fear of the thunderstorm. The rain was pouring down hard, she finally made it to a store after wandering into the town for 23 minutes.

"H- hello is anyone there?" Emi spoke out softly. This shop was abondended and all of the shelves were stocked with towels and other things. Back with Hikaru and Haruhi, they asked all the people if they've seen her. As they came across the shop Emi was in, they walked inside. Haruhi called out softly wandering the isles of the store. Thunder clashed and the rain got heavier, and they heard a squeal. Finally finding Emi, who was crying and shaking in a corner. "Emi?" Hikaru said softly, bending down in front. She lifted her face relieved to see him, launching herself on him. She sobbed into his chest, while Haruhi wrapped a blanket around Emi's small figure and Hikaru picked her up. She snuggled into his shirt, still shaking more thunder sounded and she jumped in his arms so haruhi took off the headphones and put them on emi.

The next DAY.......

Arai delivers a fresh watermelon for everyone to share, which made me happy. Hikaru approaches Arai and although he doesn't apologize, Arai offers him the melon which he accepts in a non-verbal peace exchange. From the overhanging balcony, Kyoya and Kaoru watch, and Kyoya asks if Kaoru had considered that his strategy to expand Hikaru's world might have led to romance. Kaoru says it's too soon for that because Hikaru is too much of a dummy about his feelings. Kyoya responds that it's a good thing because the club is full of them.

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