chapter 3: Beware of Physical Exams!!

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Haruhi's POV

Today was the physical exams, the host club had a plan so that Emi and I weren't found out by others that we were girls. They used the genki shoujo role for Emi, altering so that she could be male. As we were walking past all of the doctors and nurses, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai were dressed up as doctors and Tamaki was explaining why. A nurse took the hitachiin twins to go first and they were told to take off their shirts. They were behind a curtain and opened causing many girls to squeal loudly, while Emi just shook her head at all the girls. The nurses then called both Emi and I up to change for our physical exam, and we were whisked behind the curtain. "Oh no, what do we do? We can't let them find out we're girls." Emi whispered calmly, but was panicking on the inside.

"Mr. Fujioka, are you two okay in there?" The nurse called out, it had gotten quiet outside because the girls were anticipating us coming from behind the curtain. Tamaki showed up from behind the curtain, "What are you gonna do?" I asked him with an eyebrow raised, "I have a plan. One that will save you both." Tamaki-senpai stated, putting on a short brown haired wig and opened the curtain.

"I am Fujioka, Haruhi." The plan didn't work because all the girls recognized him, which made him take off the wig and yell at the twins who were laughing. Tamaki peeked back inside the tent, looking to us. "I'm sorry girls. I-" Emi and I gave him a glare for his stupid plan and he eroded away, until Kyoya lead us away. He told us that they had a room for us.

We were brought into a room, where this nurse was sitting and she turned to us. "Hi. Just get undressed behind those curtains, I have already been informed of your situation." As we walked to the curtain, I had just taken off my shirt and looked over at Emi, who was struggling so I walked over to her and helped. I was completely unaware that someone was heading for our room but I got a feeling that something would happen, I shook my head and pushed away the thought to the back of my mind wanting to ignore it. As I was helping Emi with her shirt, I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around only to see a crazy-eyed looking doctor and I immediately pulled away from him, pulling Emi closer to me. He stuttered over his words which made it hard for me to understand him and caused Emi to hide behind me. Emi was scared, but I could tell she wanted to do nothing more than to protect me from him.

"Please, help me find my daughter." Just as he had let go of my shoulder, he was sent flying. "Tama-Chan kick!" I looked to see who had kicked him and saw the entire host club standing there, Hikaru gave me his shirt while Tamaki-senpai gave Emi his shirt.

"1) Good looks that attract the public eye. 2) More wealth than you can imagine. 3) Chivalry that will never be able to overlook the hideous wickedness of this world. That's what makes up the Ouran Host Club." Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai stated but looked really scary and the doctor started stuttering again. "I'm sorry, please don't hurt me I'm Doctor Yabu." He didn't get to finish explaining before the twins cut him off, calling him Doctor Quack which made Emi giggle. He continued to explain, despite being mocked. "I run a small emergency clinic in the next town. I'm here searching for my daughter." Kyoya pushed up his glasses as Doctor Yabu explained why he was here. "His daughter may be attending public school because Doctor Yabu can't afford private tuition." Kyoya stated closing his black book but the twins suggested that the real reason is that he's been inattentive. Tamaki demanded a map and they give the doctor directions to the public school.

Tamaki then got a bit excited, "That is the way of the host club." Tamaki stated with his head held high while the twins kept calling him doctor quack, which was making Emi laugh. Well that was very eventful we were able to finish our exams. After everything was settled, the hosts were still in the exam room with us. "It was awfully nice of you to do that for him, Tamaki-senpai. Why did you help him?" Emi was a bit embarrassed considering she wasn't wearing a shirt and had to wear an oversized shirt that wasn't hers. "I just had a feeling he needed help. Besides, I wanted him to connect with his daughter." Tamaki explained to her as we watched Doctor Yabu walk away from the school. "Well, I don't think his daughter likes him much. And from his story it sounded like she and her mother hated his guts." Hikaru stated resting an arm on my head, "I'm not an arm rest you know," I gave him a coy expression which made him chuckle and pat my head. I swear these hosts can be weird sometimes, especially Tamaki-senpai. You can never tell what he does next but I think he has good intentions. "Hey, thanks you guys for coming to our rescue. I was afraid that I was gonna have to step in if you guys hadn't of shown up." Emi looked away from the window and over to the hosts, "It was no problem my little princess! Daddy will always protect his little girls!" He scooped Emi up into a hug causing Emi to wright around. "Get off of me, Tamaki-senpai. Let go." Tamaki didn't listen to Emi's protests as rubbed his cheek against her but I could tell she was getting annoyed just by the way her left eyebrow started twitching. "Uhhh... Boss." Kaoru tried to warn him of the incoming blow but Tamaki ignored it and Emi brought her foot up right to his crotch as he let go and turned pale white as he hit the floor, "I tried to warn you, boss." Hikaru shrugged his shoulders and Emi stood there a bit traumatized by Tamaki's actions. "Guys.. Not to ruin the fun but I think you guys should leave." I wrapped an arm around Emi, who was still sulking. "But why?" Kaoru whined, "Because Emi and I still need to finish our exam." I explained making them finally realize that we were still shirtless so they left but they had to drag Tamaki out.

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