Chapter 18: Chika's down with Honey Declaration!

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Emi's pov

One day during club hours, I saw the door open so I poked Haruhi and pointed to the door. I walked over with Haruhi, seeing a young middle schooler standing in the doorway. "Hi, I'm Emi. This is my brother, Haruhi. Who are you?" I asked the young boy, who looked over at Haruhi. "Can I see Mitsukuni?" I wondered who this boy was and became curious, seeing as he used Honey-senpai's real name. Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai appeared at the door and Honey-senpai greets him happily as Chika-chan. They stared at each other for a moment before launching into a very heated battle of martial arts, which confused me. Tamaki-senpai, the other hosts and I watched as Honey-senpai and this kid started fighting.

It striked me as odd that the battle was going on in the first place, just who is this kid? Renge shows up from her thingie, explaining to Haruhi and I Honey-senpai's past. I was really surprised to learn about his history, after Honey-senpai had won the battle between the two. I had to go out to get more coffee, so as I came out of the store I bumped into a man. I said sorry and kept walking towards the school. I walked into the club room seeing Honey-senpai all depressed, so I decided to cheer him up. I put the coffee down and grabbed Usa-chan, handing it to him.

"So Chika hates Honey-senpai, because he doesn't train anymore?" I asked, looking over at Haruhi. "Yep, it's so sad. But Honey-senpai does seem to eat sweets a lot." She responded, shaking her head. "I have an idea of how we can get Chika to like his brother." I told Kyoya, who looked back at me. "Tell me what it is." Kyoya-senpai said, as he bent down in front of me. I whispered in his ear what my idea was, but before Kyoya-senpai could tell me what he was thinking Tamaki interrupted it. "Operation Haninozuka brothers' Reconciliation!!" Tamaki-senpai shouted, making me sigh as I turned my attention to him. I swear, he never likes to give someone else a chance to make up a plan.

20 minutes later...

We were watching through the window of the karate dojo, Chika trains and teaches at. After Kaoru and Hikaru talked with Tamaki-senpai, which resulted in Tamaki yelling at them causing Chika to stomp outside. He confronts us and yells at Honey-senpai, challenging him in battle. As Chika was ranting, he called Honey-senpai an alien which confused me.

"What do you mean by alien Chika?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Chika then goes on a rant about how Honey-senpai ate three whole cakes every night. This only made me sweatdrop along with Haruhi as Chika continued telling his side of the story. The poor kid was traumatized at seeing how Honey-senpai can be with sweets, and to be honest it scared me a little. I couldn't believe Honey-senpai at that many cakes, especially later every night that can't be any good for his health.

"You shouldn't call him an alien because he does that." I said to him. Chika nodded in agreement, later on we were standing in the field where they battled. Honey still won in the end, while I ended up hugging Chika-chan to make him feel better. Honey-senpai was somewhere else, I really needed to talk to him.

I found Honey-senpai eating a sandwich surprisingly, so I sat down next to him. I wanted to know how he felt about Chika and more importantly, how he felt about me in general. Seeing that Honey-senpai valued sweets a lot more than his health, scared me a little. "Honey-senpai, do you love your brother?" I asked in a very serious tone. "I guess." He answered, after he finished his sandwich. "Do you love me?" I asked in a worried tone. "Yes, I love you and then sweets." He answered faithfully, which made me sigh a bit in relief. We walked to the bathroom, while I stood outside and waited for him. Eventually he came out and we walked away, I jumped on his back as he ran around the garden. The hosts were there, smiling, watching as Honey-senpai and I had fun. Chika and Renge were talking when they saw us laughing, they smiled as well. We got further from them, when Honey-senpai collapsed on his back as I laid next to him. We stared into each others eyes, before he kissed me. I was happy to know that Honey-senpai valued his love for me over sweets, but hated that he valued sweets over his brother. We were able to relax in peace, without being bothered by the other hosts or Haruhi which made me happy. But the one thing that lingered on my mind was how Honey-senpai dealt with his younger brother, it was weird. Chika had explained that he used to look up to Honey-senpai, before he embraced the cute side of himself. I couldn't imagine how much change it took for Chika to start disliking Honey-senpai, but it was clear to me just how important Honey-senpai's health meant to him.

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