Chapter 38: Emi's New Mission! A new conflict arises!

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Emi's pov

It was around third hour so Haruhi and I sat in our usual seats after we had walked to class with Yori, he happened to be in Tamaki and Kyoya's class. Annabelle hadn't transferred yet but sometime she is transferring to Ouran, I kept my eyes peeled out of the window looking down at the school yard. It was nice outside but in the last few days, I've been so frustrated because of Ian and the way he's been acting. I was literally thinking of telling him to just forget about Ayame and move on, to me he honestly didn't seem like he wanted her that badly. The bell rang indicating that it was now lunch time so I got up but sat right back down, it was exhausting for the past week to deal with both Akihiko and Ian. I honestly don't want to sound so mean but I was becoming fed up with them both, I didn't even have time to hang with the club members because I was helping both boys with their problems. I was tired of them both, I followed Haruhi to lunch lugging my bag behind me as I was in a bad mood. "'Awwww... Look... Emi seems to be in a sad mood." We were walking past one of the girls tables, "Maybe it's because he's been working so tirelessly to help Akihiko and Ian.  He hasn't been in the club room lately because those two are a handful." I kept my head down as my hair covered my eyes, my hair had started to grow out a bit but I didn't have time to deal with it because I had so much homework piled on top plus I Dad wasn't home to do my hair. My hair was longer than Haruhi's at this point and was starting to resemble Yori's hair although I haven't seen him much this week, I needed it trimmed but I was to tired to deal with it. "Emi hasn't been able to hang out with his brother and their friends because Akihiko and Ian keep whisking him away from them. To be honest, they are overworking Emi and I feel bad for him. Even his hair has gotten longer from all the stress." I slumped down and heavily sighed knowing they were right and finally we got to our table. I sat right in between Tamaki and Kyoya and just dropped my head on the table face first. "Em, are you okay?" I kept my head on the table not bothering to eat or to lift my head up to answer Hikaru's question. "Those two keep taking you away from us. I'm surprised you haven't snapped yet." Yori patted the back of my head, "Guys... What Emi obviously needs is some time with sweets!" Honey-senpai stated and my eyebrows twitched. "Guys... I gotta borrow Emi again. It's serious this time." Akihiko stated and I started to become agitated. "Akihiko not this time... I have important things to talk with Emi about so I need him. You will just have to wait." Ian stated and then I snapped. I lifted my head up through my teary and angry eyes to look at the two idiots. "All I want is some peace and to spend time with my friends but no because you asked for my help, I feel obligated to help. You won't even give me a break and to be honest, I'm sick of helping you two. You, Akihiko. All you do is rant about how handsome you are when to be completely honest, you aren't that handsome. I think that Tamaki-senpai is a lot better than you. And you, Ian. All you do is sit around and joke. You asked me to help you get the girl you like and you can't sit still for ten minutes so I could help you. I don't think you really want Ayame." Everyone was a bit surprised even Kyoya-senpai was, "Maybe all you need is sweets to help you relax so you have energy to help them." Honey-senpai offered his cake but I was so angry that I threw the cake on the floor, not realizing that I had hurt Honey's feelings. Even Mori-senpai was shocked enough and I could see his concern for both of us while Haruhi was generally worried about me. I didn't even notice that most of the students were watching my fit go down at our table, "I don't want sweets Honey-senpai!! I just want to be able to be with you guys! I hate you both for taking me away from my friends!!" I pushed my chair back and ran out of the cafeteria and down the hall. I could hear Tamaki calling for me but I just kept running, until I ended up in the garden. I hid behind one of the bushes and just cried, letting it all out because to be honest I needed it. I must have sat there for more than an hour just crying and thinking, all I really wanted to was to hang with Haruhi. I hadn't had any time to talk to her about anything and it was driving me insane. I wanted to be able to make Haruhi laugh and share stories of the idiotic things that Akihiko said since I've been around him this entire week. I brought my knees up to my chest and looked up at the sky through my tears, "I just wanted to spend time with them is that so much to ask for?" I honestly wanted to just stay here for another hour and not go back towards the school.

I calmed down enough but I was starting to feel lonely. What I really wanted was someone to comfort me. I wanted to be held and told that everything would get better, that I wouldn't have to deal with Akihiko and Ian as much but that wasn't gonna happen. I wanted to stay in the garden longer so I got up and walked around by myself, just enjoying the view and then I came to a stop in an area that was all too familiar. It was the spot that Honey-senpai and I had kissed the day we decided to finally tell each other our feelings and I suddenly felt bad for yelling at him, but to be honest in that moment it felt like he wanted to shove sweets in my face to make me stop crying instead of comforting me. I felt so hurt by that, and that's why I ruined the cake he offered me. It felt like he didn't care to much to put down sweets to come hug me or to stop those two half wits from taking me again. "Emi!" I heard Akihiko yell and I immediately hid under the nearby bench that was covered by a bush. "Where could he have gone?!" Ian called out and I saw their feet right in front of the bush, I was hiding behind. "I don't know. Come on, let's go back inside." I sighed with relief and stood up and got ready to walk away. I teared up wanting to my sister to come look for me but she was probably busy so I stayed until school was over. I stood up and walked back towards the school and walked down the hall but that's when I heard talking so I hid behind the wall and peeped around the corner. Only to see something that I never wanted to see, "Honey-senpai, I really really like you." I saw a blush form on his face as this girl I didn't recognize stepped in front of him but what happened next was really unexpected. Before Honey-senpai could answer her, she grabbed him by the shirt collar and kissed him right on the lips but what was worse was that Honey didn't push her away. My lips quivered as tears stung my eyes and I quickly blinked them away withdrawing back behind the wall before running off to the cafeteria. As I was running, I didn't see that the hosts were coming from the cafeteria with my stuff, "Emi, there you are.. We were just looking for you. Club w-" I brushed past Kaoru as tears ran down my cheeks, I grabbed my bag from Hikaru and ran off towards the entrance of the school. "Emi! Wait!!" Haruhi called but I didn't stop running. I ran all the way home not caring if people on the sidewalk were staring, I made it to our block and rushed up the stairs and unlocked the door. I opened the door, taking my shoes off and throwing my book bag down on the floor before rushing into my room and locking the door. I plopped down face first on the bed and just started crying loudly. My heart was hurting and I felt like I was suffocating, I couldn't believe Honey let some random girl kiss him.

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