Chapter 40: The Big Fight! Mori-Senpai has an Apprentice Candidate!

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Tamaki's pov

I noticed that lately Honey-senpai  and Emi were growing distant from each other. I realized that I wasn't the only one to notice though, "They haven't looked at each other the same anymore." Hikaru stated as we watched Emi. Emi was currently reading a book and eating a small sandwich that Yori had made, she was sitting at a table and across from her sat Honey-senpai. He was eating a piece of cake happily.

It had already been two weeks since the incident with the other girl. "He hasn't even told her about the girl has he?" Anna questioned and I shook my head. "No, I don't think so." I answered and held my chin.

"This could be trouble." Kyoya sighed and I looked to Haruhi. She looked concerned, I didn't blame her. I looked over at the clock seeing that it was almost time for club. "Guys, club starts in 15 minutes... We need to get ready for Today's cosplay." Kyoya announced and Emi looked up at him and stood up.

Several minutes later....

We were all dressed in the Late Edo Era samurai cosplay. When Emi came out in hers she looked so adorable, I couldn't help but try and pick her up but when I did she gave a glare that could kill. I instantly shrunk back behind Yori, who was hosting today. Emi was dressed as a female samurai, "I'm surprised this cosplay is so popular among the girls." Haruhi spoke.

"The cosplay is basic." The twins informed her, "The girls who love it are crazy over it." Honey-senpai added, "Yeah and one specifically is crazy about you..." Emi said low enough for only me to hear. Since I sat in the middle, she sat to my right in front of Kaoru. Renge goes on a mini rant about the Ikeyda Inn and the noble Shinsegumi, Emi just sighed and crossed her arms. "Thank you Renge. The guests should be allowed to project identities onto the hosts instead of giving us specific roles." Ahh these two.

The entire two week, Emi had not left my side and sat right next to me as we entertained hosts. "Emi, I wanted to ask...." One of our guests asked, I recognized this girl to be the one who kissed Honey-senpai that day. Emi gave her a small smile but I could tell by her body language that she wanted to punch this girl in the face. "Yes, go ahead." I placed my hand on Emi's clenched fist, "Do you happen to like Honey-senpai?" Emi's smile faded and I could feel Emi tense up, "I've seen the way you look at him. And I can tell that you two are really close." The girl continued but was hit by another girl to her left, "Don't ask questions like that. You can't just ask Emi a question like that. Besides, Emi wouldn't be like that to Honey-senpai. Those two are best friends. Right, Em-Kun?" Emi looked down at her hands for a moment before looking back up at them and giving a smile.

"Yeah, we are best friends, you shouldn't worry about me liking him. I can't like my best friend, it would ruin the friendship we have." I could see the pain in her eyes and as I was about to say something, Mori-senpai suddenly leaped out of his seat and stuck his sword into the door. "Mori-senpai must be angry because he's finally lost his patience with his lacklustre script." Emi stood up with an unnerving look on her as she stared towards the door. "No, that's not it. We have an intruder."

As Mori-senpai said this a red haired, mean looking young man rushing towards Mori-senpai. This caused his guests to call out in fear only to have the young man fall to the ground in humility. Wow, I did not see that coming. "Please take me as an apprentice." He begged.

"This young man's name is Ritsu Kasanoda. He usually has a mean look on his face and is called a human weapon." Emi walked over to Mori-senpai and I stood up. Ritsu then denies him being a human weapon with a mean look on his face. "Why do you want to be Mori-senpai's apprentice?" I asked, walking over to the situation. "Yeah, Bossa Nova." Hikaru called Ritsu which made him grimace menacingly at them. "You know, you have a scary face when you do that." The twins stated and I shook my head, although it was true. "My face has been this way since I was child. I was learning to be a gangster from my father. But now I want to make friends. I just don't kniw how to break the gap between me and the others. I hope that Mori, who has a face like a watchdog from Hell but he has many friends and admirers. I was hoping that he could teach me his secrets to making them." I stood there thinking about it.

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