Chapter 31: It's Halloween!!!!

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Emi's pov

Haruhi and I walked into the classroom, it was a day before Halloween. "So what do you think we should do after the Fall exams, with Halloween coming up?" Our class reps, Kazukiyo Soga and Momona Kurokano were talking. I was sitting on one of the tables, while Haruhi was standing. The twins were standing to my left so it was easier to reach them, but before anyone could make a suggestion Renge jumped up on the desk in front. As soon as she got all poetic about Halloween, I zoned out. "Man, I don't like being so mean but Renge is seriously annoying. As well as her dumb laugh but I gotta admit she's smart." I looked forward, "We should hold an evening Test of Courage Tournament." I sat up actually liking the idea and nobody else, except our class rep Kazukiyo had a problem with it. "Why don't we do teams instead of indviduals?" He suggested and everyone seemed to agree with it. "We have an idea!!" Hikaru raised his hand, "Yes, what is it Hikaru?" Momona asked, with a bright smile. "Well, we were thinking." Hikaru started off, "That the loser should have their name and picture plastered on the front cover of the school newspaper." Kaoru finished his sentence and I sighed, resting my chin on my hand. "Does anyone object to this?" Kazukiyo asked, as I noticed how he kept trailing to Haruhi. But Haruhi didn't seem to pick up the hints so he repeatedly asked, but the motion gets passed and I can see him turn stark white. So I go and poke him but he just tips over, and I shrug. I got back over to Haruhi and packed up my things, "Do you think they'll be able to make it scary enough?" Hikaru asked, as we walked to the club room. "I don't think they'll be able to pull it off. Unless, they have help from Nekozawa-senpai." I had one hand in my pocket, while the other one rested at my side. "What about class rep? You think he'll be able to handle it?" Haruhi looked down at me, "Probably not," I shrugged and Kaoru opened the door, we walked in seeing Tamaki and the others dressed as vampires. I blushed upon seeing Honey-senpai, "You guys are late. And even worse you aren't even in costume." Tamaki-senpai was mad at us, but I didn't care.

"Well sorry boss, but we aren't gonna be here for a while. We will be gone for a week, because we are doing something with our class." Hikaru explained, "Daddy won't allow it!!!" Tamaki-senpai yelled, pointing at the twins as he held onto me. I made a chibi face, becoming annoyed with Tamaki's sudden change in attitude. "Tamaki-senpai, we gotta go. Please put me down." My voice had no emotion which surprised him, but he put me down. "Bye Honey-senpai." I gave him a peck on the cheek and walked out of the room with Haruhi, Kaoru and Hikaru.

We were all discussing the way we were setting it up, Haruhi and I were currently walking down the hall together. "Hey, excuse me. Haruhi, Emi." I stopped talking with Haruhi and moved my head, seeing class representative Soga in a corner. "What is it, Class rep?" Haruhi and I walked over to him, "I suffer from nyctophobia along with a lot of other fears." Soga explained, "Why didn't you say anything?" I gave him a look of confusion, "I didn't want to mention it or nix the event, by throwing my weight around as class rep. Besides I didn't want to seem cowardly in front of Kurokano." He made me interested, he must like Kurokano a lot. "Looks like somebody has a crush on Class rep Kurokano." I teased, "How did you know?" He asked, making me sweatdrop. "I don't know how I will get through this event." He pushed up his glasses, which was something Kyoya-senpai did all the time. "Why don't you read this book, I got on how to face your fears?" Haruhi gave him the book, but this only made him freak out.

He started ranting about being a fraidy cat, listing off the phobias he had. "Class rep," Haruhi attempted to calm him down, but he just kept going. He then moved on to rant about he was trying to get Haruhi to oppose to the whole idea. "I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me?" I gave her a horrified look, "I did!!! I looked at you several times!!" He yelled and started ranting again. "Class Rep!" Haruhi tried again, but he just kept going on. Haruhi and I looked at each other, before nodding and looking back at Soga. "CLASS Rep, will you please calm down?!" We yelled, making him stop his rambling.

"I'm sorry about that, it's just I don't want to seem like a fraidy cat to Kurokano. She's a lovely girl, and I really like her alot. I want to seem brave." I smacked my hand on my forehead at his words. "Please let me be on your team with Emi and the twins. Just don't tell them, I'm such a fraidy cat." He begged, but the twins popped up behind him hearing his words. "The five of you will be team B." I sighed, dropping my head as the twins started to bother him.

So there we were walking down the hallway, during the event while Hikaru and Kaoru were telling a scary story. It was about the Evil Clocktower Witch, she was once an Ouran student that fell to her death from the clock tower and curses whoever sees her ghoston Halloween Night. Class Rep was terrified, while Haruhi and I were irked by the twins. Haruhi tried to give him helpful tips, but he deemed them unhelpful. He's about to give up, but the twins suddenly mention Kurokano. "I told ya the fool liked her a lot." I sighed, as he became all dreamy eyed. Haruhi notices something and I hear something tumble down the stairs, which rolls in front of us. "What was that?" Hikaru asked, "Look!" I looked up, seeing a scary figure stnding at the top of the staircase.

"Why did you take my head!!?" I screamed loudly along with everyone else, jumping into Kaoru's arms as we took off running. Kaoru, Soga and I ended up in a science classroom, I hold tightly onto Kaoru with him still holding onto me. But when we turned around we were greeted by Honey-senpai, who jumped out at us.

"I'm werewolf man!!" He jumped up into the air, with a pumpkin on his head. "That's the wrong person!" We all sweatdropped, "I'm Frankenstein." Mori turned around, making us scream loudly and but we were pushed into another room and locked in. "Someone locked us in." Kaoru tried to open the door, "No!!! Let me out!!! I don't want to be in here!!" I banged on the door, "Emi, it's okay. Just take a few deep breathes and come sit by me." I took a few deep breathes and sat down next to Kaoru. I zoned out of Class Rep's and Kaoru's conversation, but could hear bits and pieces. After about an hour, we finally got free and met up with the rest of the class.

"Why did you leave your post? We had to stop the event because we couldn't find you." Renge said, "Sorry Renge. Emi, Soga and I got locked in a room." Kaoru explained, but that's when a girl noticed something. "What is that?" She pointed to this large shadow that loomed over the dome shaped roof and we all panicked, when the thunder sounded. The next day, the top headline of the school newspaper read "Everyone in Class 1-A is a Captain of All Cowards," complete with photographs. Hikaru, Haruhi and I were talking and I smiled realizing something. I also saw Kurokano talking to Soga, it looks like everyone got their happy ending.

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